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Academic Website Project

Academic websites are a major component of the recruitment process; they provide a first impression to applicants. Students rate websites as more influential than counselors, college fairs and printed publications. Stealth applicants are increasing; applicants are gathering information from websites without contacting the University or requesting information.

About the project

The goal of the Academic Website Project is to update and enhance academic websites across campus. Academic website recommendations were developed to help guide departments. These recommendations focus on recruitment efforts and should be seen as minimums for academic websites.

University relations is assisting departments in implementing the academic website recommendations. These services may include generating text, ordering photos, designing and implementing web content.


Deans have submitted prioritized lists of departments and programs where they would like assistance. University relations will rotate through the colleges to determine project order. The first projects started in January 2010, and the process is expected to continue for three years. Projects typically take 90-120 days to complete, depending on client and content availability. See project progress, including which sites are in progress.


Departments will initially pay for the costs associated with these projects. The provost will reimburse departments once projects have been fully completed according to template specifications, websites have been rolled into production and the department has committed to ongoing upkeep and has designated a person or team to maintain the content.



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Project updates

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