Veteran Student Services

Student Lounge and Support Services

About Veteran Student Support Services

Our mission in the Veteran Student Services (VSS) office is to empower, encourage and engage veterans and their families with the university and surrounding community. We strive to ensure our returning heroes have all the accommodations and assistance needed to be successful student while making the process a rewarding and enriching experience. A few of our support services include:

Veteran Student Lounge

The Veteran Student Lounge located in Carrington Hall room 315 gives you the opportunity to study at one of our computers, sink into one of our couches and relax, drink some of our locally brewed coffee and meet other veteran students at Missouri State. It is equipped with comfortable furniture, free coffee, computers, CAC reader, television, Xbox game console and other amenities.

Veteran Transition Liaisons

Our Mlitary/Veteran Transition Liaisons stand ready to assist you with a variety of issues. Trained to understand the unique transition you face as you transition to civilian life and being current faculty/staff members from all across campus gives them the tools needed to guide through your college experience.

Veteran Student Organization

This student lead organization helps veterans connect with each other while supporting the community and advocating for unique causes. Learn more or join by contacting the VSO President, Jonathan Miranda at