Centennial Leaders Scholarship Program

The Centennial Leaders program is a scholarship and leadership program for first semester freshman at Missouri State University which was started in 2005. The scholarship is offered for two years and the value is based on the financial need of the participant. In return, these students will be expected to participate in a two year leadership program. Participants will walk away with invaluable experiences and many friendships and connections that will continue throughout their collegiate experience and beyond.


The Hutchens/SGA Centennial Leaders Scholarship is a two-year scholarship program jointly funded by a generous donation from the Hutchens family and a matching contribution by the students at Missouri State. The scholarship ranges in value from $1,250 - $2,500 per year depending on financial need.

The program is designed to recognize deserving students who exhibit outstanding leadership potential. The successful applicant will excel in three of the four areas of student involvement:

  • Leadership
  • Volunteerism
  • Performing arts
  • Athletics

Visit the Hutchens/SGA Centennial Leaders Scholarship page for scholarship details and requirements.

Centennial Leaders Program

In addition to receiving the scholarship, centennial scholars will participate in the exclusive Missouri State sponsored Centennial Leaders Program and receive a specially commissioned commemorative medallion among other institutional benefits. During their two year commitment to the University, centennial scholars will enjoy special status as well as responsibilities.

First Year

The first year of the Centennial Leaders Program is designed to integrate the students into the campus.  The first year program includes the following aspects:

  • Welcome Banquet - A meet and greet dinner to get to know all the other scholarship recipients and staff.
  • Ropes Course - A leadership ropes course led by professional leadership staff.
  • Leadership Program - A 5 week course led by older students that meets once every other week to teach students valuable leadership skills.
  • Mentoring Sessions - One-on-one meetings with a sophomore centennial leader.
  • Centennial Leaders Interviews - Assist in interviewing incoming Centennial Leader applicants.
  • Spring Sessions - These include specials workshops such as "Strengths Quest" and a behind the scenes tour day of the campus.
  • Spring Weekend Retreat - A weekend long leadership retreat at the Windermere Conference Center in Roach, MO.

Second Year

The second year designed for the sophomore level scholarship recipients encourages them to get involved on campus and take on leadership roles.

  • Freshman Mentoring - Each sophomore scholarship recipient is asked to mentor a freshman in the program and help integrate them into the program, classes, and campus life.
  • Points System - Sophomores are asked to obtain at least 100 points in their second year of the program.  Points are earned by getting involved in organizations on campus, taking on a leadership role in an organization, working, community service, and many other options.
  • STAR Banquet - Students are recognized for their completion of the program and awarded with a special gift.

How to apply

To apply, complete the online application no later than Dec. 1. Your scholarship application and your application for admission to Missouri State must be received by the deadline to be considered.

Based on submitted applications, finalists will be selected to attend interviews at Missouri State campus.

For more information to apply for this program please visit the scholarship section of the Office of Financial Aid website:

The Hutchens/SGA Centennial Leaders Scholarship


Centennial Leaders Facilitators

During Centennial Leaders participants' first year requirements they will complete a ropes course and leadership program. The leadership program component is led by older students and gives the scholarship participants perspective on leadership and values. The facilitators for this program take responsibility for helping plan session content, leading sessions, and working with students as they develop. Facilitators gain valuable skills in leadership development, small group communication, program facilitation,  and planning. Any student interested in applying to be a Centennial Leaders Facilitator should follow the link below and the instructions therein:

Centennial Leaders Facilitator Application


Leadership Development