IFC Recruitment

Interfraternity Council Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members,

My name is Dustin Keyhill and I am the 2016 Vice President of Recruitment for the Interfraternity Council.

Flashback three years and I was in a position similar to yours; the idea of being a fraternity man had sparked my interest. I knew that I was seeking to build new friendships and be a part of something bigger than myself, but I had no clue that joining a fraternity would be a defining moment in my life. Fraternities are more than just good friends, secrets, and socials. They are about personal development, commitments to excellence, and lifelong relationships.

I can remember the mix of excitement and fear that I felt prior to recruitment, but you will soon find there is no reason to worry. The fraternity recruitment process is about meeting new people, and finding a home for you. With 19 chapters (and growing) our fraternity community is inviting for everyone. Join us at Fraternity Life Opening Weekend (FLOW), a two day event which will allow you to meet each of our chapters, on August 27th-28th. Then spend time interacting with each chapter at their personal recruitment events during the IFC Sponsored Recruitment Period August 29th-September 9th. Lastly, be sure to fill out the Recruitment Interest Form on the Fraternity and Sorority Life Campus Link page, to receive further information, and begin making connections with the members of our community.

The best advice I can give you as you dive in to recruitment is to be yourself. Your fraternity experience won’t be successful by being in the “best” chapter, but rather by being in the best chapter for you. Be open and honest, and you will be able to find and connect with a chapter where you will thrive.

Thank you for your interest in our community. I promise you that the decision to become a fraternity man is one you will not regret!


Dustin Keyhill

Vice President of Recruitment


Fall 2016 Recruitment Dates


FSL 101 - Saturday, August 20th, at 12:00pm, in Hammons Student Center

IFC Welcome Back BBQ - Tuesday, August 23rd, from 4:00pm-6:00p, in front of McDonald Arena

Fraternity Life Opening Weekend (F.L.O.W.) - Saturday, August 27th & 28th, from 11:45am-4:00pm, beginning in Temple 0001

IFC Sponsored Recruitment - Monday, August 29th - Friday, September 9th, check with individual chapters on locations and times