Missouri State University
Loretha Cain

Loretha Cain

  • Major: Broadcasting
  • High School: Hazelwood East High School
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Mo.

Loretha Cain was keeping her options open when it came to colleges her senior year of high school. But a visit to the Missouri State campus sealed the deal for her.

“I liked the campus…”

“I applied to five different schools, and Missouri State was one of the ones that replied back to me the fastest. I came to visit for the spring Showcase with my dad and after that, I was going to Missouri State,” she said. “I liked the campus because it’s not too small, but it’s not too big.”

“I feel like I’m at home in a way.”

Coming into college, the St. Louis native says she was nervous about her classes because of how her high school teachers had talked about college. Surprisingly, she found them to not be as terrifying as she expected.

“I think it all depends on the person and their motives. It’s been a great experience so far,” said Loretha. “I feel like I’m at home in a way because I’m connected with the people and also the professors. A lot of my classes aren’t too big.”

“They make it look so easy.”

As she finishes her first year at Missouri State, the freshman broadcast journalism major believes that her classes are one of the greatest things about college so far. Jumping right into major classes her first year, she is already gaining valuable experience.

“With my broadcast performance class, I work in the news station, and it’s really hands-on, practicing what news anchors are doing. They make it look so easy; doing it is so intense because you have people talking in your ear, you have to read, and you have to make sure you are correct in what you are doing,” she said. “I think the hands-on experience in my major is the greatest thing so far.”

“Being involved with others helped me to not just think about it on my own.”

At first, Loretha says that the transition to living away from home was more difficult than she expected. “When I first left, my friends and I were talking, and we were ready to get off on our own,” she said. “Then, the first two weeks I was here, I cried because I didn’t have my mom to just talk to about this homework assignment or my brothers and sisters to talk to.”

Although things started out rough, Loretha soon found ways to connect on campus. “After that time, I did things outside of my room. Being involved with others helped me to not just think about it on my own,” said Loretha. “I volunteered a lot more, which is something I think is important with the public affairs mission they offer here at Missouri State.”

“It makes me more eager to reach my goals.”

In March 2012, Loretha was named Miss Springfield Collegiate. She gets to attend events in the area, volunteer with different groups, and speak about her future goals and college experience.

“This recognition has helped my college experience because I get the opportunity to represent Missouri State and the Springfield community. It makes me more eager to reach my goals.”

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