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  • Alex Antonopoulos

    Alex Antonopoulos

    "Yes, the experience will change you, but you’ll come out of the trip happy that it did."

  • Lisa Buck

    Lisa Buck

    Lisa Buck's love of dietetics and Spanish came together perfectly through her studies in El Salvador. 

  • Rachael Davis

    Rachael Davis

    Going from Missouri to South Korea was was definitely an adventure for Rachael Davis.

  • Danielle Evans

    Danielle Evans

    "If you have any interest in traveling and seeing the world, this is the perfect outlet for you."

  • Amanda Sarver

    Amanda Sarver

    With the experience of living abroad with her military family, Amanda Sarver saw Africa as the perfect place to study. 

  • Caitlin Polley

    Caitlin Polley

    After picking up added responsibility in her junior year, Caitlin Polley thrived under the pressure.

  • Gary Phillips

    Gary Phillips

    Don’t eliminate opportunities just because they don’t fit into your plan.

  • Craig Albin

    Craig Albin

    I always knew I wanted to be a writer...

  • James Hart

    James Hart

    Life-long learning is mandatory...

  • David White

    David White

    Follow your dream. Do what you love.

  • D.J. Zaruba

    D.J. Zaruba

    A life as a touring musician prepared him for higher education.

  • C.J. Volckmann

    C.J. Volckmann

    She loves horses, the Ozarks and rocking her tiara.

  • Dr. Keri Franklin

    Dr. Keri Franklin

    How does a person become a writer? How does a teacher teach writing rather than assign it? 

  • Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi

    Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi

    "No one thinks of himself as a terrorist. Not even members of Boko Haram," said Dr. Bukola Oyeniyi, assistant professor of history at Missouri State University.

  • Monica Horton

    Monica Horton

    "One of the most important things to do as a Missouri State student is to volunteer." 

  • Dr. Rajiv Thakur

    Dr. Rajiv Thakur

    I decided to specialize in geography only at the graduate level

  • Tresa Ryan

    Tresa Ryan

    I have 22-plus years of healthcare experience in many areas

  • Jason McCollom

    Jason McCollom

    I was an undecided major until my sophomore year

  • Dasha Russell

    Dasha Russell

    I took an accounting course in high school and really enjoyed it.

  • Dr. Dennis Hickey

    Dr. Dennis Hickey

    What does it mean to be the real China?

  • Casey Flanigan

    Casey Flanigan

    Receiving a scholarship enabled St. Louis native Casey Flanigan to pursue a career in nursing.

  • Lu Hawkins

    Lu Hawkins

    “I would like to be dedicating my life to education.”  

  • Olivia Nwachukwu

    Olivia Nwachukwu

    “CRNA School for me is comparable to running though mountains and valleys. The fact is that life in general is that way.”

  • Dr. Mike Reed

    Dr. Mike Reed

    Dr. Michael Reed can distinctly remember when he became interested in the universe and its contents: the moon landings in the summer of 1969.

  • T-Asia Mays

    T-Asia Mays

    Financial support through scholarships enabled first-generation student T-Asia Mays to pursue her passion for animals at Missouri State.

  • Neal Lopinot

    Neal Lopinot

    In the 1800s, hundreds of steamboats sank on the Missouri River - wrecks litter the valley beneath corn and soybean fields and contain a treasure trove of history. 

  • Shaley Moore

    Shaley Moore

    Shaley Moore hadn't planned on attending Missouri State, but a campus visit during her senior year of high school changed her mind. 

  • Bruce West

    Bruce West

    Is there a more haunting question than ‘What if?’ 

  • Darryl Mitchell

    Darryl Mitchell

    When diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes during his junior year of college, Darryl Mitchell decided to use his experience to help others.

  • Lisa Clifford

    Lisa Clifford

    Lisa Clifford found Missouri State University-West Plains was a good fit for her educational needs.

  • Mike Driscoll

    Mike Driscoll

    Mike has learned to think differently and challenge himself mentally here at Missouri State-West Plains, which will help him in his future career as a Navy SEAL.

  • Ryan Evans

    Ryan Evans

    Ryan Evans doesn’t know where his next step will take him, but he does know Missouri State University-West Plains prepared him for whatever that step will be.

  • Kendra Barnard

    Kendra Barnard

    Kendra chose to attend Missouri State University-West Plains because it gave her the opportunity to attend college with A+ for free. As a result, she's made friendships that will last forever.

  • Lance Parker

    Lance Parker

    Missouri State-West Plains has become a second home to Lance.

  • Otha Bell

    Otha Bell

    Otha is very involved on campus serving as a Student Ambassador, a member of the Grizzly Cheer Team and Student Government Association. 

  • Ralph Davis

    Ralph Davis

    Twenty-four year Air Force veteran Ralph Davis retired and moved to Missouri, where he found opportunities he'd never expected. 

  • Laura Ashley

    Laura Ashley

    For Laura Ashley, the future may hold a bright career at the top of the country music charts.

  • Rebecca & Megan Won

    Rebecca & Megan Won

    Rebecca chose Missouri State's athletic training program because of its reputation. Once here, she found memorable experiences, caring faculty — and convinced her sister to join her.

  • Katie Boydstun

    Katie Boydstun

    “I can care for my patients at a time when they are incredibly vulnerable and advocate for them in a way that is different than the way I advocate as a bedside nurse.”

  • Hillary Huong Vu

    Hillary Huong Vu

    Stephen Spielberg once said fantasy is an animator's friend. Hillary Huong Vu is living that vision at Missouri State.

  • Susan Berg

    Susan Berg

    Faculty member and alumna Dr. Susan Berg has been a part of MSU Care from concept to campus clinic.

  • Matthew Foster

    Matthew Foster

    “I chose to pursue a career as a CRNA because as a CRNA I would be able to advocate for my patient on a whole other level.”

  • Evan Menke

    Evan Menke

    Evan Menke found his passion in an unlikely place.

  • Allison Egler

    Allison Egler

    After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in speech language pathology from Fontbonnne University in St. Louis, graduate student Allison Egler decided to pursue a degree in audiology.

  • Claire Geneser

    Claire Geneser

    Claire Geneser’s intrigue with stars began when she was 5 years old. 

  • Tyler Durham

    Tyler Durham

    Tyler Durham recently graduated, but he is already an accomplished composer who has received awards for his work.

  • Robert Adams

    Robert Adams

    It’s every artist’s dream to see their work displayed in front of the public’s eyes. This dream became a reality for graphic design senior Robert Adams. 

  • Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk

    Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk

    As a child growing up in Ukraine, Dr. Nikolay Gerasimchuk, professor of chemistry, learned about chemistry even sitting at the kitchen table.

  • Wayne Anderson

    Wayne Anderson

    If a significant life event was posted on Twitter but no one saw it, did it really happen? 

  • Rachel Schober

    Rachel Schober

    From a young age, Rachel Schober wanted to see the world. 

  • Zane Clark

    Zane Clark

    Zane Clark jumps into whatever he does with both feet: “I love learning and experiencing new things!”

  • Dr. Erin Buchanan

    Dr. Erin Buchanan

    Dr. Erin Buchanan is known for helping students through some of the more daunting parts of academics, especially when it comes to addressing their fears of math. 

  • Mohamed Abdelhakiem

    Mohamed Abdelhakiem

    Mohamed Abdelhakiem is now a student at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • Nicole Noonan

    Nicole Noonan

    Nicole Noonan loves both her challenging courses and the extracurricular side of University life.

  • Jade Johnson

    Jade Johnson

    Missouri State's Honors College holds a special place in Jade Johnson’s heart. She was once the College’s graduate assistant, helping others navigate their higher education paths.

  • Dr. Joshua J. Smith

    Dr. Joshua J. Smith

    “We have been looking at some of the genes that are involved in helping to repair your DNA,” in the hopes of finding a way to fix damage from skin cancer.

  • Sarah Williams

    Sarah Williams

    Police lights cut through the night sky, and Sarah Williams knows she looks suspicious. 

  • LaWanda Darden

    LaWanda Darden

    LaWanda worked with internationally known designer Zac Posen.

  • Derrick Docket

    Derrick Docket

    He credits Missouri State’s art and design and advertising programs with giving him the skill sets needed to succeed.

  • Matt Raithel

    Matt Raithel

    Matt Raithel has found success in the niche market of early childhood games.

  • Zack Kaltenbach

    Zack Kaltenbach

    Kaltenbach, who has a bachelor’s in entrepreneurship, auditioned for season 14 in Kansas City.

  • Kiva Donahue

    Kiva Donahue

    According to Kiva, "Having people who haven't met me invest in my education... it proves they have a tremendous amount of faith in me." 

  • Caio de Castro Pereira

    Caio de Castro Pereira

    Caio de Castro Pereira didn’t come to America to get out of the family business. 

  • Kevin Evans

    Kevin Evans

    According to Dr. Evans, science fiction only attempts to capture the true potential of the damage giant meteors can inflict. 

  • Spencer Martin

    Spencer Martin

    Computer science major becomes first Missouri State SMART winner 

  • Desiree Mauppins

    Desiree Mauppins

    “A CRNA is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist who puts people to sleep, but it’s so much more challenging than just that.”

  • Allyssa Miget

    Allyssa Miget

    Master of Public Administration student Allyssa Miget found that “working with the Human Relations Commission was great, and it was such a real world experience.” 

  • Sam Bromley

    Sam Bromley

    "Missouri State has set me on my path..." 

  • Constantin Vohs

    Constantin Vohs

    "Solving problems is fun. Anything that's a challenge is fun." 

  • Chandler Hoovens

    Chandler Hoovens

    "Being from one of the top business schools in the Midwest really helps..." 

  • Taylor Craig

    Taylor Craig

    "If you don't see a limit, I don't think there is a limit."

  • Hilda Zhou

    Hilda Zhou

    International student looks at the intersection of two cultures

  • Stephanie French

    Stephanie French

    "Having this on my resume really sets me apart..." 

  • Chris Peak

    Chris Peak

    "I can say I tried something new..." 

  • Diem Nguyen

    Diem Nguyen

    MBA student Diem found her passion in large-scale, international logistics. She says, "I thought it was so cool - how people managed cargo..." 

  • Joelle Griffiths

    Joelle Griffiths

    Psychology major Joelle Griffiths participated in an independent study away program. She lived and studied with international students, immersing her in different cultures and more.

  • Leslie Brinkman

    Leslie Brinkman

    Leslie Brinkman's biology research sent her into the rain forest. Among her discoveries: "One salamander... can reduce carbon emissions from leaf litter by 178 pounds per acre."

  • Daan Jansen

    Daan Jansen

    Filmmaker Daan Jansen says, "Seeing that story you spent months on and the effect it has on people? I just love that feeling."

  • Bolormaa (Crystal) Mendbayar

    Bolormaa (Crystal) Mendbayar

    From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, to Springfield, Missouri, to Barcelona, Spain, international business student Crystal Mendbayar is gaining a global education.

  • Kelsey Bagwill

    Kelsey Bagwill

    For senior Kelsey Bagwill, studying in China uncovered a love of travel and a plan to enjoy graduate school abroad.

  • Scott LaCombe

    Scott LaCombe

    From the warm comforts of home to lively discussions, Scott LaCombe’s host family contributed as much to his amazing experience in Latin America as did the country.

  • Kim McGinn-Perryman

    Kim McGinn-Perryman

    Earning her DNP helped solidify the skills Kim McGinn-Perryman learned on-the-job. She says, "Nurses should strive to promote themselves and the value of the care they provide." 

  • Karen Vangyia

    Karen Vangyia

    Karen Vangyia, a 1993 graduate with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Missouri State, is also the first female managing partner at KPMG’s offices in St. Louis.

  • Chin-Nan Chen

    Chin-Nan Chen

    Master of Science in Administrative Studies student Chin-Nan Chen believes that international experiences are vital because "no one can live by themselves... every country is linked together."

  • Marrie Ochieng

    Marrie Ochieng

    Master of Arts in Teaching student Marrie Ochieng knows from personal experience that "when you educate a girl, you educate a whole community."  

  • Leland

    Leland "Lee" Gannaway

    Leland "Lee" Gannaway, a 1963 graduate, isn't done creating career highlights.

  • Danaya (Atkinson) Roller

    Danaya (Atkinson) Roller

    When the Kansas City Royals went on the postseason run that led to the Word Series, Danaya (Atkinson) Roller, '10, got to run right along with them.

  • Elizabeth Sivill

    Elizabeth Sivill

    Elizabeth Sivill is in many groups related to her academic field, and in leadership groups such as Student Government Association.

  • Lucas Gautier

    Lucas Gautier

    Lucas Gautier transferred to Missouri State because he wanted a blend of business and computer skills. Now, he's involved in a fraternity and other social and academic groups.

  • Ingrid Lara

    Ingrid Lara

    Ingrid Lara chose Missouri State because "it’s the perfect size, I received the Out-of-State Fee Waiver and the psychology program is really good. And it’s not too far from home."

  • Megan Culp

    Megan Culp

    Megan Culp blends academic endeavors, such as participating in Honors College, with social fun, such as playing on the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team.

  • Amber Hensley

    Amber Hensley

    Amber Hensley has known she wanted to follow her love of theatre since she was a young girl. 

  • Ruth Barnes

    Ruth Barnes

    As an artist-in-residence in Edinburgh, Scotland during summer 2013, Ruth Barnes collaborated with five other choreographers to design “Here, There and Everywhere.” 

  • Julie Barnum

    Julie Barnum

    During a summer project, Julie worked on deciphering one of nature's scariest phenomena.

  • Mike Kromrey

    Mike Kromrey

    "I get to teach people about our water resources, the things that live in them and the ways we can keep those resources clean." 

  • Vonda Yarberry

    Vonda Yarberry

    Vonda Yarberry says her creative research is "alluding to how the human body works – the messiness of that and the tangledness of that."

  • Hayley Osman

    Hayley Osman

    'It was like a bunch of little kids who are just playing with very large, very expensive scientific toys.'

  • Grant Spoering

    Grant Spoering

    As I was driving by the Jordan River, I look – and it’s completely green!

  • Caleb Holder

    Caleb Holder

    I started considering a career in medicine when I was playing hockey, and I had to start thinking about my hip.

  • Rhy Norton

    Rhy Norton

    Have you ever wondered what that tummy rumbling means?

  • Erica Gerweck

    Erica Gerweck

    On average, Americans spend two and half hours of each day in the car, but many don’t take the time to think about where the vehicle’s fuel comes from. 

  • Sarah Nuelle

    Sarah Nuelle

    Sarah Nuelle earned bachelor's and master's degrees in business at Missouri State, and says the programs fueled her determination to succeed.

  • Monika Ahluwalia

    Monika Ahluwalia

    Monika Ahluwalia, who is from India, came to the United States to earn both an MBA and Master of Accountancy at Missouri State. She now manages a team at the World Bank.

  • Richard Lazarus

    Richard Lazarus

    Thanks to Missouri State's flexible master's program, Richard Lazarus was able to work in his degree field while earning his degree in computer information systems.

  • Jennifer McClean

    Jennifer McClean

    The Master of Health Administration program at Missouri State helped fuel Jennifer McClean's desire to network early in her career.

  • Misty Freeman

    Misty Freeman

    Misty Freeman knew she wanted to be a Bear ever since she visited in the fourth grade, and she finally got the chance with Missouri State's project management program.

  • Jeff Barr

    Jeff Barr

    After serving in the Army, Jeff Barr knew he wanted to expand his accounting degree. MSU's affordable cost and exceptional faculty made the decision of where to attend graduate school easy.

  • Madison Harrison

    Madison Harrison

    Madison Harrison is working towards two separate master's degrees and has accepted a job offer from Mercy health systems' audit response program for after graduation.

  • William Boughton

    William Boughton

    Certified Project Manager Professional William Boughton knew he wanted to further his education, and MSU's nationally accredited project management program was just the place to do it.

  • Courtney Smith

    Courtney Smith

    "I really feel like a physician’s assistant is the best of both worlds!"

  • Iyshia Smith

    Iyshia Smith

    Iyshia Smith decided to focus her studies on educating others.

  • Michael Jahnke

    Michael Jahnke

    Water is crucial to our body’s proper function, but it’s not just for drinking. Water is an essential part of agriculture and the landscape as a whole.

  • LeAnn Hubbert

    LeAnn Hubbert

    While many students are passionate about the inner workings of plants, few get to work side-by-side with a professor and participate in groundbreaking research.

  • Donn Sorensen

    Donn Sorensen

    Donn Sorensen, a regional president for Mercy health system, uses the concepts he learned in his courses in his day-to-day work.

  • Ashtyn Evans

    Ashtyn Evans

    Springfield native Ashtyn Evans is able to maintain her professional relationships in the field thanks to the MBA program's focus on networking.

  • Josh Lewis

    Josh Lewis

    Josh Lewis received a quality education from MSU that focused on group projects. This "team" emphasis has helped him succeed in the business world and work with colleagues at home and abroad.

  • Rodney Leonard

    Rodney Leonard

    Rodney Leonard attended graduate school while working for a Fortune 500 company, giving him the skills to handle even larger responsibilities.

  • Elizabeth Bannister

    Elizabeth Bannister

    Once Elizabeth Bannister realized that having an MBA was pivotal to being successful in her career, there was only one college she knew she would attend: Missouri State University.

  • Ashley Stech

    Ashley Stech

    During her work with Groupon, Ashley Stech realized she needed to get a master's degree that was relevant and provided applicable experience.

  • Kenneth Rowey

    Kenneth Rowey

    Meet Kenneth Rowey, a junior Logistics and Supply Chain major who recently studied at the MSU Dalian, China, campus. 

  • Hillary Rice

    Hillary Rice

    Having a strong set of skills built on hands-on experience helped Rice stand-out in the classroom.

  • Colby and Collin Geringer

    Colby and Collin Geringer

    In the fall of 2013, both Collin and Colby started the process of applying to and interviewing for post-graduate positions.

  • Ashley Bennington

    Ashley Bennington

    Ashley Bennington, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, is a senior majoring in Sales Management. During the last two years she has participated in two unique internships.

  • Amanda Bryant

    Amanda Bryant

    Have you been to a concert lately?  If so, you may have experienced the work of Entertainment Management alumna Amanda Bryant. 

  • Cody Mendenhall

    Cody Mendenhall

    Cody Mendenhall currently serves as the director of Investment & RetireAdvisers Services at Pension Consultants, Inc.


  • CJ Murphy

    CJ Murphy

    CJ Murphy is a 2007 graduate of the Computer Information Systems program and currently serves as the vice president of Product and Engineering at AdParlor.

  • Katy Valentine

    Katy Valentine

    Katy Valentine had her pick of psychology PhD programs because of her Missouri State experience.

  • Chase Thompson

    Chase Thompson

    As Boomer the Bear, Chase Thompson found a way to connect with the crowd, and he followed that interest to a new career choice.  

  • Rachel Granatino

    Rachel Granatino

    Rachel Granatino believes her marketing education prepared her for team-oriented projects in a rapidly evolving field. 

  • Stephanie Muschall

    Stephanie Muschall

    Internships gave alumna the opportunity to pursue her love of marketing in real-world environments. 

  • Chris Carpenter

    Chris Carpenter

    Anesthesia: cream of the crop!

  • Katelyn Bartlett

    Katelyn Bartlett

    Katelyn Bartlett chose Missouri State in part because of a teaching assistantship. Once here, she discovered dedicated professors and the building blocks for lifetime success.

  • Dr. D. Keith Denton

    Dr. D. Keith Denton

    Dr. D. Keith Denton wants his business students to learn lessons that will stick with them for life.

  • Dr. Diana Piccolo

    Dr. Diana Piccolo

    If you are a future teacher who is anxious about leading math lessons, great news: Dr. Diana Piccolo is here to make math fun to learn for both you and your students.

  • Sherry Cook

    Sherry Cook

    When Sherry Cook and her partners recognized the need for more appealing science texts, they created an imaginative new product and marketed it worldwide.  

  • Jordan Gallant

    Jordan Gallant

    Jordan Gallant found his ideal major in the marketing department, and he enjoys applying his knowledge with the Inter-Fraternity Council and through his own small business.

  • Andrew Garton

    Andrew Garton

    Since earning his MBA in 2010, Andrew Garton has used his education and skills to help others find financial aid opportunities.

  • Besim Huskic

    Besim Huskic

    Mutual experience with Missouri State's award-winning Ad Team helped Besim Huskic connect with his future employer.

  • Brittany Waugh

    Brittany Waugh

    Brittany Waugh continues to use what she learned about personal branding at Missouri State to build a satisfying and successful career.

  • Sonia Arora

    Sonia Arora

    Sonia Arora came to Missouri State knowing what she wanted to do: she wanted to work with the deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Danielle Reed, CCC-SLP

    Danielle Reed, CCC-SLP

    Danielle Reed, an alumnus of the undergraduate and graduate speech-language pathology programs at Missouri State University, has a heart for helping others. 

  • Sam Zimmer

    Sam Zimmer

    Sam Zimmer, who wants to be a dentist or optometrist, is confident his professors and fellow dedicated students have helped him be ready for medical exams and professional training.

  • Alexandria Killion

    Alexandria Killion

    Alexandria has lived in Springfield a few times — her military family was here when she was young, moved around, then came back. Now she’s enjoying the town as a college student.

  • Jake Lamkins

    Jake Lamkins

    Jake went from being unmotivated in high school to earning honors while obtaining an associate's degree. He chose MSU for his bachelor's and now says "being a student means everything to me."

  • Drew Rogers

    Drew Rogers

    Drew Rogers found his vocation during his time as a graduate assistant for the Center for Dispute Resolution, where he began working in mediation.