Missouri State University
Dr. Dianne Slattery

Dr. Dianne Slattery

  • Director of the Center for Project Innovation and Management Education

Connecting construction professionals and students

With a background in engineering, Dr. Dianne Slattery enjoys advancing the construction industry through her research and her students.

How did you become interested in construction management?

I am a civil engineer and was teaching civil engineering courses at another university in the late 1990s. The department chair for construction management (CM) asked me to teach a course on plans and specifications in the CM program. I had drawn plans and written specifications, so I decided to give it a shot. From there, I began teaching additional courses that were related to my engineering background such as soils and surveying. I’ve now been teaching in Construction Management for over 20 years.


Why do you recommend this field to students?

This is an exciting, challenging, dynamic field that offers great rewards to the people that work in it—monetary rewards and the intrinsic rewards of being in charge of building a great project, satisfying a demanding client and solving tough problems. The complexity of projects requires that we have absolutely top-notch people to manage them from concept to completion, and we have the program here to develop those people for the construction industry.


Why do you like teaching and advising students?

I am so proud of the projects that former students have worked on—Busch Stadium in St. Louis, the Kaufmann Center in Kansas City, hospitals, highways, commercial buildings—and I am gratified to have been a small part of their educational preparation. I like being able to contribute to the base of knowledge, and help develop the habits and attitudes of future construction professionals.


What makes the technology and construction management department at Missouri State unique?

The faculty: great, involved and dedicated to the students. The students: hard-working, smart and dedicated to learning. The facilities we have to teach and learn in. The whole package.


As director of C-PRIME, can you describe the center? What services does C-PRIME offer to the community?

C-PRIME is the outreach arm of the technology and construction management department. We offer professional development for construction professionals, coordinate faculty research and help get the results out to the public.


What are some valuable opportunities C-PRIME offers students?

We always invite students to attend the professional development courses we offer to the community, which allows them to learn how to apply the knowledge they are acquiring in class, to network with potential employers and to develop the habit of lifelong learning.