Missouri State University
Nathan Nolan

Nathan Nolan

Interest leads to life-changing decision

Nathan Nolan has never regretted his decision to become a doctor and has embraced all opportunities along the way. “All of these experiences have further solidified my desire to be a doctor and my passion for the field of medicine.”  

A few years ago Nathan Nolan, a student in the cell and molecular biology program at Missouri State, realized that he needed a change. At the time Nolan was working as a computer programmer and felt unchallenged. He found himself always checking the news for science and medicine updates.

Nolan began taking science courses and after only one night of shadowing his uncle, an emergency room doctor, Nolan was hooked. “I was so impressed by everything and loved the fact that, regardless of what was happening, within minutes of entering a room the physician was intimately involved in the life of that patient.”

Nolan transferred to Missouri State and selected the human-focused cell and molecular biology program. Nolan felt this program was the perfect fit allowing him to take courses that would prepare him well for medical school.

Nolan has dedicated his time at Missouri State not only to his studies and medical school applications, but also to volunteer work, research and helping others better understand the medical profession.

As president of the Pre-Medical Society, a student organization for future medical professionals, Nolan organized a symposium on the future of health care, which featured eight health care providers from various areas of medicine.

Nolan also volunteers at the Kitchen Medical Clinic in Springfield, taking vitals and filling medications for the underserved. At Cox Hospital he has spent time helping with a program called “Healthier Together” and monitoring at risk patients.

“I am gaining as much knowledge about that field as possible by working at a free medical clinic and also helping with programs at Cox,” said Nolan.

In addition to volunteer work, Nolan values the time spent researching in the laboratory with his professors, working on research in the areas of gene disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Nolan feels foundation of knowledge in biomedical sciences he received at Missouri State and the opportunities he has embraced along the way, have prepared him well for medical school. Nolan will begin medical school in the fall. “All of these experiences have further solidified my desire to be a doctor and my passion for the field of medicine.”