Missouri State University

Partners in Education (P.I.E.)

Missouri State University has a single purpose: to develop educated persons. According to Missouri State University's vision, an educated person has the following traits:

  • Is literate in the broadest sense.
  • Has an appreciation for the beauty and complexities of citizenship in the community and in the world.
  • Has the skills and motivation to continue to learn after leaving the university.
  • Can solve problems through the mastery and use of one or more academic disciplines.

Student Development and Public Affairs is devoted to helping students be academically successful. As decisions about courses, a major, and career options are initiated, the first year is most critical. Through the partnership, Student Development and Public Affairs will answer questions and offer suggestions to give students the competitive edge that will help them succeed.

Partners In Education helps address the needs of students in their freshman year by creating a partnership of students, their families, and Student Development and Public Affairs staff. These professional staff open communication lines and provide support services to improve the academic success of students.

Services will be provided to Members of Partners In Education after the student signs the waiver to release information. Members are entitled to the following exclusive benefits:

  • Welcome Letters: At the beginning of the academic year, a letter is sent that discusses academic policies, curricular changes, and advisement concerns.
  • Mid-Semester Progress Report: Student Development and Public Affairs will send a progress report to Partners In Education members at mid-semester.
    These reports will include suggestions if the student is struggling academically.
  • Final Grades: For the freshman/membership year, Student Development and Public Affairs will send final grades (fall/spring) to non-student PIE members.
    Reminder: Paper copies of you student's grades will no longer be mailed to the student's permanent address.
    Instead, the student will access grades (using his/her Personal Identification Number) on the My.missouristate.edu website.

Academic Advisement: Academic advisors are available by appointment for one-on-one conferences. Partners who desire a conference with their student's academic advisor should telephone Lori Roessler, at (417) 836-5034, and she will assist in arranging an appointment.

Telephone Assistance: when questions, concerns, or problems arise, members may call Lori Roessler, at:

(417) 836-5034
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Joining Partners In Education-PIE is limited to freshman students and their identified partners. To become a member of PIE, a student must obtain the PIE release form from Lori Roessler in the Academic Assistance Office located in University Hall Room 122.  The form must be filled out and signed in her office.  No form is available on line.(The release does not apply to personal counseling, health, or financial information protected by FERPA; however, if students are experiencing problems in these areas, Student Development and Public Affairs staff will be happy to assist in identifying available resources.) The student has the right to withdraw the release at any time.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) -- The PIN requested on the form is for the purpose of identifying the non-student member when he/she calls to request information. (This PIN is for the PIE program exclusively and not to be confused with the PIN the student selects for the My.missouristate.edu website.

To Join Partners In Education: contact Lori Roessler at the address below; call (417) 836-5034.

Academic Assistance Office
University Hall
Room 122
Missouri State University
901 South National Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65897

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