Missouri State University

Safety and Crime Alerts

The purpose of crime alert bulletins are to inform the campus community of known incidents or activities occurring in the area which may pose a threat to their safety and security.  In the event of a known or possible threat to physical safety, alert bulletins will be posted in the affected area and this site as soon as possible.  If you have knowledge of a threat to the safety and security of the campus or surrounding community, please contact Safety and Transportation Department or the Springfield Police Department.

Safety and Transportation Phone:  836-5509
E-mail:  SafetyandTransportation@missouristate.edu
Springfield Police Department Phone:  836-5327

Current Safety Alerts

Crime Alert:        1st Degree Robbery            June 26, 2014

Safety Alert:    Reported Sexual Assault Investigation     April 5, 2014

Safety Alert:    Reported Sexual Assault Investigation     April 4, 2014

Crime Alert:        Residence Hall Thefts        January 24, 2014

Safety Alert:         Attempted Robbery            October 14, 2013

Safety Alert:           Threat to Campus             October 2, 2013

Crime Alert:          1st Degree Robbery            October 1, 2013

Safety Alert:           Downtown Assault            September 29, 2013 

Safety Alert:        Reported Threat to Greenwood        September 27, 2013  

Crime Alert:                Robbery                   September 18, 2013