Safety and Crime Alerts

The purpose of crime alert bulletins are to inform the campus community of known incidents or activities occurring in the area which may pose a threat to their safety and security.  In the event of a known or possible threat to physical safety, alert bulletins will be posted in the affected area and this site as soon as possible.  If you have knowledge of a threat to the safety and security of the campus or surrounding community, please contact Safety and Transportation Department or the Springfield Police Department.

Safety and Transportation Phone:  836-5509
Springfield Police Department Phone:  836-5327

Current Safety Alerts

Crime Alert:               Assault                February 6, 2015

Crime Alert UPDATE:      1st Degree Robbery      October 10, 2014

Crime Alert:        1st Degree Robbery        October 9, 2014

Crime Alert:        1st Degree Robbery            June 26, 2014

Safety Alert:    Reported Sexual Assault Investigation     April 5, 2014

Safety Alert:    Reported Sexual Assault Investigation     April 4, 2014

Crime Alert:        Residence Hall Thefts        January 24, 2014

Safety Alert:         Attempted Robbery            October 14, 2013

Safety Alert:           Threat to Campus             October 2, 2013

Crime Alert:          1st Degree Robbery            October 1, 2013

Safety Alert:           Downtown Assault            September 29, 2013 

Safety Alert:        Reported Threat to Greenwood        September 27, 2013  

Crime Alert:                Robbery                   September 18, 2013