Sexual Assault

What to do if... you've been sexually assaulted:

  • Tell someone you know and can trust.

  • Go to a hospital and tell emergency personnel that you have
    been sexually assaulted. Take the clothes you were wearing
    and a set of clean clothes. Don't shower or bathe before
    you go.

  • Report the assault. If in a residence hall, contact staff. If off campus call 911.
    Reporting the assault does NOT commit you to filing charges.

  • Call the hotline. In Springfield, call 864-SAFE (7233).
    Outside the Springfield area call 1-800-821-6863.
    Both can provide information about resources and services available to you.

  • Contact a residence hall staff member, the Dean of Students,
    and/or the Counseling Center to find out how
    the University can assist you.

  • Remember:  it was NOT your fault.

  • For emergency medical treatment call 911 or go to:
    Mercy Emergency-Trauma Center    886-2115
    Cox Emergency Department (North)     269-3193
    Cox Emergency Department (South)     269-4083