Definition of Content Vocabulary


  • General.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the words and phrases used in this Policy and in the associated Parking Regulations developed by the University shall have the same meanings as set forth in the laws of the State of Missouri regulating motor vehicles, bicycles, and traffic on the highways and/or the property of the State of Missouri, including pedestrian traffic.


Specific Definitions.

  • Appeals Committee – The Appeals Committee described in these regulations.
  • Bicycle – A vehicle propelled solely by human power upon which a person may ride, having two tandem wheels, except scooters and similar devices;
  • Contractor – A non-university employee contracted by the University to perform work or provide supplies and/or service;
  • Director – Director of Safety and Transportation
  • Driveways and/or Fire Lanes – Any street, alley, or road on, entrance to, or exit from University property; or any areas in parking lots/structures not clearly designated for parking;
  • Employee – Any person who is employed temporarily or regularly, full or part-time, by the University or by any unit of or agency administratively a part of and responsible to the University in any capacity including, but not limited to, members of the faculty, administration, and professional and support staff of the University. Any person who qualifies under these regulations as both a student and an employee shall be subject to the regulations governing both employees and students;
  • Loading-Zone – An area clearly marked and posted for loading;
  • Missouri State University – All real property owned, occupied, controlled, and/or administered by Missouri State, Springfield campus;
  • Motor Vehicle – Any self-propelled vehicle having two or more wheels used for the conveyance of a person or persons or materials and equipment including attached trailers. (For purposes of these regulations, motorized wheelchairs are excluded.);
  • Motor Vehicle Parking Space – An area in a parking lot/structure, or on a street designated by markers such as concrete bumpers, lines or parking surfaces, marks on curbs, signs, parking meters, or other clear markers;
  • Obstruction of Vehicular Traffic – Any pedestrian or driver of any vehicle who or any vehicle which impedes or restricts a safe and normal  flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or creates a hazard that may result in an impairment of safe and efficient traffic;
  • Parking – (a parked vehicle) – A standing (not moving) motor vehicle is considered parked regardless of whether or not the vehicle engine is running or the vehicle is occupied;
  • Parking Administration Office – Facility from which all parking administrative functions are administered. The address is 700 E. Elm;
  • Parking Lot Structure – An area designated by Missouri State for the intended utilization of parking motor vehicles;
  • Parking Meter – A parking time measuring device used to allow parking in restricted areas for a specific period of time;
  • Pedestrian – Any person standing or walking or in a wheelchair at any time outside of any building;
  • Restricted Areas and Hours of Parking – Those areas limited in time and place to use by student, faculty, employee, visitor, and/or official vehicles and posted accordingly;
  • Safety & Transportation Advisory Committee – A committee to advise the University on matter of safety, security, and transportation;
  • Student – For purposes of these regulations, a student shall be any person who has applied for and has been accepted for enrollment for academic credit, or non-credit or an audit basis in any undergraduate or graduate course or courses on the Missouri State campus, including short courses or other programs of instruction offered by the University or any division of the University; and any person who is required by such enrollment to be present on the Missouri State campus for instructional purposes;
  • Vendor – Individual whose main purpose on campus is to promote a product or service;
  • Visitor – Any person who is not a student, employee, faculty or staff member of Missouri State University or as otherwise defined.