Department of Religious Studies

Religious Studies Graduate Program

Dr. Schmalzbauer teaches class

Why pursue a Master of Arts in religious studies at Missouri State?

You will gain sound knowledge and professional skills in the discipline of religious studies, as well as in the broader context of related disciplines in the humanities. You may choose one of these areas to emphasize:

  • South Asian Religions
  • History of Judaism and Christianity
  • Biblical Studies
  • Religion and Culture

Download a PDF of the Religious Studies M.A. Program flyer!

Gain a broader perspective

Your foundation of skills will help you work in vocations where you need to negotiate among various religious faiths and ideologies. You will also gain a perspective that helps you have greater understanding and respect for individual differences in religion.

Our program also offers exceptional preparation for doctoral studies or seminary, as well as for professional careers in fields such as counseling, non-profits, publishing, and law.

In addition, MSU’s graduate religious studies programs offer the following:

  • The expertise of the oldest and largest religious studies master’s degree in a state university in Missouri.
  • One of the largest faculties in the Midwest. Faculty members have specialties in everything from biblical studies to religion in America to Buddhism.
  • Solid training in critical thinking and graduate-level writing.

Student Learning Outcomes for Religious Studies MA Students

What will you gain as a student in the MA program in Religious Studies? Here are our goals: 

1. Students will develop advanced knowledge in one or more scholarly fields in the study of religion.

2. Students will utilize theories and methods appropriate for graduate research in the study of religion.

3. Students will demonstrate critical thinking, analytical, and interpretive skills appropriate for graduate research in religion.

4. Students will communicate effectively both orally and in writing.