Fee Payment and Refund Schedules

New Feature in My Missouri State

Students and instructors can now view a personalized refund schedule and drop deadlines based on the student's actual class schedule or a trial schedule in My Missouri State.

  • Section view allows anyone who is searching for classes to view the refund and drop deadlines before they register. This view is accessible from the Class Schedule Search and the Trial Schedule Builder Registration Cart.
  • Students can access the link from the "Add or Drop Classes" feature, the Registration menu, Active Registrations, Concise Schedule, or Detail Schedule features.
  • Staff and advisors can access the link from the Teaching and Advising tab >> Student Information channel >> Refund and Drop Deadlines, or from Advising Notes and Releases.
  • Instructors can view the refund and drop deadlines for his/her instructed classes per term. This link is under the Teaching and Advising tab >> Schedule and Assignment channel, and on the Class List feature.

Current and future semesters

 Past semesters