Office of the Registrar

Undergraduate Catalog

2015-16 First Edition, July 2015

Procedures for Adding and Dropping Classes (and Withdrawing)

Procedures for adding a class or changing sections

If student does not have any holds that block registration, they may add a class or make a section change online through the My Missouri State system or in person at the Office of the Registrar, Carrington Hall, room 320, with appropriate identification. University athletes must process all registrations and change of schedules in the Achievement Center for Intercollegiate Athletics, Forsythe Athletics Center, room 239.

If a student has a hold which prevents using the web registration system, the hold will need to be cleared before initial registration can take place by contacting the appropriate office. Students who need to process a change of schedule can visit the Office of the Registrar in person, fax a signed registration form, or send an email to from their University email account.

If permission is required as a course prerequisite, that permission must be granted by the department before the class can be added.

After the stated deadline to add a class, departmental approval will be required to add a class or change sections of a class. Students must go the department office which offers the class, obtain a “Registration/Change of Schedule Form” with the proper signature and department stamp, and take the completed form to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Procedures for dropping a class

Students may withdraw from one or more of their classes online or in person at the Office of the Registrar (Carrington 320 or by fax to 417-836-8776). Students who drop all their classes for a given semester who wish to return within an academic year do not need to apply for readmission. The date each drop is completed shall be the date used in determining the refund of fees and the assignment of grades. Drops are not allowed after the last day to drop deadline for the course. Refer to the "Academic Calendar" for specific deadline dates. University athletes must process all registration and change of schedules in the Achievement Center for Intercollegiate Athletics, Forsythe Athletics Center, room 239.

Students who have a hold which prevents using the web registration system can drop the class or classes by contacting the Office of the Registrar in person, faxing a signed registration form to 417-836-6334, or sending an email to from their University email account.

Students should use the drop procedure judiciously as dropping courses will generally result in extending the time required to complete a degree. In addition, dropping below a full-time or half-time enrollment status may jeopardize insurance, financial aid, scholarship, athletic participation eligibility and immigration status for F-1 or J-1 students. Students dropping a class because of a concern regarding their grade in a course are encouraged to consult with the instructor prior to dropping a course. Students who are concerned about the impact of dropping a course on their progress toward graduation are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor prior to dropping.

Procedures for dropping all classes

Download withdrawal request form to drop all classes

For exception to drop after the stated deadline to drop a class, refer to the "Exception" section of the Change of Schedule policy.

Important information for students who withdraw from all of their classes during a semester:

Financial Aid. Recipients of financial aid, scholarships, or short-term loans for payment of fees or expenses for the semester of the drop(s) must be approved by the Financial Aid Office before they will be allowed to complete the drop process. Such students may also be required to participate in an exit interview.

Grades. Assignment of grades for withdrawing students are made on the basis of current grading policies detailed in the "Change of Schedule" section of this catalog. Deadlines are available at

Meal Plans. Contact the Dining Services Office, Plaster Student Union 213, regarding their refund policy for meal plans which are independent of a housing contract.

Parking. Parking permits must be returned to the Parking Administration Office, 700 E. Elm, by students who wish to receive a refund of the parking permit fee. Full refunds are issued for drops processed through the second week of the semester, 50 percent refunds are issued for drops processed from the third through the ninth weeks of the semester, and no refunds are issued after the ninth week.

Refunds. Refunds are credited to a student’s account according to the policy indicated in the "Costs and fees" section of this catalog. Refunds will be issued by the Financial Services Office approximately four to six weeks following the drop(s). Prior to issuing a refund check, the office will deduct any outstanding financial obligation to the University from the refund amount. Refunds will be mailed to the permanent address of the student on file at the time the refund is issued. If a student withdraws from the University with outstanding financial obligations, the student’s transcript will not be released and the student will not be permitted to enroll for a future semester until the obligation is satisfied. For questions concerning financial obligations, please contact the Financial Services Office, Carrington Hall 113.

Residence Halls. Students living in University housing must terminate their housing contract and vacate their room or apartment within 24 hours of the date of the drop. For information, contact the Office of Residence Life and Services.

Veterans. Recipients of veterans benefits must report drops to the Veteran Student Services Office, Carrington Hall 314.

BearPass Card. Students who have a BearPass Card Debit Account must complete a BearPass Card Debit Account Withdrawal form which is available at the BearPass Card Office, Plaster Student Union room 128, 417-836-8409. This form will cancel the account and authorize a refund of the account balance.