Missouri State University

Transcript Requests

Request a Missouri State transcript to be sent elsewhere

The paper form must be used for the following:

  • Overnight delivery of transcript (However, Missouri State sends electronic transcripts for immediate delivery to over 200 schools. If the school you are sending to is on this list, you may use the online request method instead of the paper form for overnight delivery. This would save you the $20 overnight postal fee.)
  • Inclusion of additional document(s) and/or form(s) be sent along with transcript
  • Inclusion of additional information on the transcript such as full Social Security number, Educator ID, etc.
  • Former students who last attended in 1984 or prior.
  • Online

  • Paper Form

  • Fee and Instructions

    There is a $5 charge (plus a 2.75% credit card fee) for each official transcript requested. View detailed instructions on how to request a transcript online.

    Select an Option

    1. If you know your BearPass login and password, use Option 1 below.
    2. If you do not know your BearPass login and password (or do not have one), use Option 2 below.

    Option 1: Submit your request using My Missouri State

    If you know your BearPass login and password, you can use this option to request official transcripts. Note: this option is not available for students who last attended before 1984.

    To request an official transcript:
    • First log into My Missouri State
    • Click on the Academics tab
    • Locate the Student Record channel and choose "Request Transcript"
    • Follow the prompts to send your transcript to yourself, another institution or other address
    BearPass account information

    To use this option you must know your BearPass login and password to log into My Missouri State. If you have forgotten either:

    Option 2: Submit your request without using My Missouri State

    If you do not know your BearPass login and password, you may request your transcript online using an alternate online method (this alternate method is not available for students who last attended before 1984).

    Required information
    • Name while attending Missouri State University
    • Last four digits of social security number (see note below)
    • Date of Birth
    • Credit card information for payment

    Request your transcript using an alternate online method

    If you do not have a Social Security Number and wish to request a transcript, it is a two-step process:

    1. Create a BearPass account by going to the Get an Account page and click the "Confirmation Code" link in the lower left corner. Follow the steps to submit your Information, and you will receive instructions on how to create your account.
    2. Once you have created a BearPass account, you may submit your transcript request using My Missouri State (Option 1 above).
  • Fees

    • There is a $5 charge (plus a 2.75% credit card fee) for each official transcript requested. 
    • There is an additional $20 charge for each overnight delivery (plus a 2.75% credit card fee).
    • Payment must accompany the request form.
    • If paying by credit card, you will see a separate credit card transaction for each transcript delivery method selected on the form.

    Required information

    • Completed and signed request form
    • Payment by credit card, check or money order
    • Please submit your request one of the following ways:
      • Mail to:
        Missouri State University
        Office of the Registrar
        901 S. National Ave
        Springfield, MO 65897
      • Email to Registrar@MissouriState.edu
      • Fax to 417-836-6334
      • In person at the Office of the Registrar, Carrington Hall Room 320. Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Overnight Delivery

    Overnight delivery requests must be received by 2:00 p.m. to go out that day. Overnight deliveries are not made on weekends. Physical address of recipient is required (overnight requests cannot be made to PO Boxes)

Access unofficial transcripts

If you are only trying to view your transcript, you may do so through My Missouri State at no charge.

  1. Log in to My Missouri State
  2. Click on the Academics tab
  3. Locate the Student Records channel and choose "Transcript (Unofficial)" or "Transcript (Unofficial, Sortable)"
  4. Select the transcript level and type and click "Submit" to view your unofficial transcript

Send a transcript to Missouri State

For students who have applied for admission to Missouri State and need to request a transcript from another institution.