Meet Your Instructors

Anna McAlister

Year in school: Sophmore

Majors: Middle School Education

BearFit Instructor since fall 2014

Classes: Floor, Core & More; Hip Hop

About Me: I enjoy exercising, reading, knitting, singing, and binge watching Netflix. I'm excited about teaching new classes this semester. I hope people enjoy my classes and get a great workout at the same time!

Alexandra Reichenberg

Year in school: Junior

Majors: Exercise and Movement Science and Global Studies

Minor: Sustainability

BearFit Instructor since fall 2015

Classes: Cooty Camp; Total Body Blast; Upper Cut

About Me: I am a proud daughter of a Marine that has never lived in one area for more than three years at a time. The world is my home, hence my interest in Global Studies. When I grow up, I want to help people far and wide in terms of rehabilitation and health. So, I'm glad to get started as a BearFit instructor here at MSU!

 Collin Portz

Year in school: Sophomore

Major: Biology

BearFit Instructor since Spring 2016

Classes: Cycling; Cycling Mix; Core Flex

About me: Born and raised in the Kansas City burbs. I came to MSU to pursue a degree in Biology on the Pre-Physical Therapy track with the aspirations of one day becoming a sports physical therapist. I emphasize flexibility, core and hip stabilization, and cardio. My motto: Lean muscles are the dream muscles. This is my first semester as a BearFit instructor and I am excited about the new opportunities and challenges it will bring.

Conner Kelley

Year in school: Junior

Majors: Cell and Molecular Biology

BearFit Instructor since august 2015

Classes: Xtrain; Circuit; Bootcamp

About me: I love movement and all the many different ways it is used. I explore a variety of movement practices on my own and like to incorporate different aspects of my practice into my classes. I am from southern California and will always be a beach boy. Eating good food is probably my life's number one passion.

Erin Heard

Year in school: Sophomore Major: Exercise and Movement Science: Pre-Professional

BearFit Instructor since spring 2016

Classes: Hydro Power

About Me: I've been attending classes since freshman year and decided I wanted to teach. I want to be a physical therapist and being in the water is a great place to get people back on their feet.

Jackson Specker

Year in school: Junior

Majors: Accounting

Minor: Philosophy

BearFit Instructor since spring 2016

Classes: Endurance Training; Circuit Blast; Cycling

About Me: Native of Kansas City. Compete in triathlons and love every minute of it. So come down to one of my classes and let's workout your cardio! 

Louise Love       


B.S. Exercise and Movement Science with a Minor in Alternative Therapeutic Modes

BearFit Instructor since Fall 2012

Classes: BeachFit

About Me: I’m a graduate from the Kinesiology department and I love all things wellness and fitness. I’m a huge outdoor person, so in my free time I like to explore the Ozarks and surrounding areas. I am currently the Aquatic manager at the FRC so you’ll see me down in the pool almost all of the time. I love swimming, hiking, and yoga. I try to be as well rounded as possible in my classes and love to see my participants succeed in their fitness/wellness goals! Come give the pool a shot and work out with me! Your next fitness adventure is waiting for you; looking forward to meeting you!


Kylie Wheeler

Year in school: Freshman

Major: Theatre

Minor: Spanish

BearFit Instructor since Spring 2016

Classes: 360; BOSU®; Cardio Endurance Training

About Me: Stage acting has been my passion since I was in seventh grade; however, fitness is a close second. Whether it's running, swimming, cycling, lifting, etc., fitness has been part of my daily routine since my freshman year of high school. I am pumped to teach others how to love fitness as much as I do!

 Leah Reitmayer

Year in school: Senior

Major: Dietetics 

Minors: Chemistry and  Bio-medical Science 

BearFit Instructor since spring 2016

Classes: Floor, Core & More; 360

About Me: I am originally from San Diego, California and came to Missouri State University in 2012 to play on the Field Hockey team. I have been involved in a variety of sports my whole life, not just playing, but also coaching I am so excited to get the opportunity to be a BearFit instructor. I hope to one day continue my career with health and wellness using the dietetics and fitness backgrounds I have attained. 

Noriko Makoski

House Chef at ADPi

BearFit Instructor since spring 2016

Classes: Zumba®; Piloxing®

About Me: I work at ADPi as their House-Chef. I really enjoy cooking for wonderful ladies at ADPi.  I am a ZIN® (Zumba Professional Instructor Network) since July 2013, licensed to teach Zumba basic, Aqua Zumba, Zumba Toning and Zumba Gold.  I am also a member of PIA® (Piloxing Instructors Association) since September 2015.  I’m so excited to dance with you all; let’s party!