Missouri State University


Campus Recreation

Pool Features, Accessibility and Locker Rooms

view of the indoor swimming pool area

Pool features

The 11,286 square foot natatorium in the Foster Recreation Center offers a number of great features for swimmers:

  • A 7,000 square foot pool, which can hold more than 450 swimmers
  • Water warmed to 85-86 degrees
  • Lanes for lap swimming
  • Underwater bench seating with hydrotherapy back jets
  • Water-current channel for walking and therapy
  • LED lights that will change color at night
  • A 16-seat spa in pool area
  • A sauna near the pool area
  • A 20 yard zip line

Accessibility features

The Aquatic Center features the following accessibility features:

  • Zero-depth, three-foot wide ramp going into water with hand rails
  • Water wheelchair with shoulder harness and seat belt
  • Power lift, capable of lifting 300-400 pounds., including foot rest and seat belt
  • Universally accessible locker rooms
  • Elevator access to Aquatic Center lower level
  • Trained and friendly aquatic staff on duty during all Aquatic Center hours ready to assist when needed.

Changing areas and lockers

As a member, you have access to lockers with electronic locks, so you don’t need to bring a lock—simply program a combination when you come to the pool.

The pool locker rooms also include hair dryers and SuitMate bathing suit spinners. SuitMate removes up to 95 percent of the water in a suit in 10 seconds while protecting the fabric.

Towels are available to rent for a $1 fee. View the Locker and Towel Rental page for more details.