Missouri State University

University Administrators

Clif Smart


Mr. Clif Smart,

Carrington Hall 201

(417) 836-8500

Academic Administrators

Dr. Frank Einhellig

Office of the Provost

Dr. Frank Einhellig,

Carrington Hall 209

(417) 836-5119

Dr. Chris Craig

Office of the Provost

Dr. Chris Craig,
Associate Provost, Faculty & Academic Affairs

Carrington Hall 209

(417) 836-4589

Dr. Rachelle Darabi

Office of the Provost

Dr. Rachelle Darabi,
Associate Provost for Student Development
& Public Affairs

University College Hall 115

(417) 836-8346

Dr. Joye Norris

Office of the Provost

Dr. Joye Norris
Associate Provost for Access and Outreach

Meyer Alumni Center

(417) 836-8437

Gloria Galanes

College of Arts & Letters

Dr. Gloria Galanes,

Craig Hall 106A

(417) 836-5247

Dr. Stephanie Bryant

College of Business

Dr. Stephanie Bryant,

Glass Halll 400F

(417) 836-5646

Dr. David Hough

College of Education

Dr. David Hough
Interim Dean

Hill Halll 304

(417) 836-5254

Dr. Helen Reid

College of Health & Human Services

Dr. Helen Reid,

Professional Building 110

(417) 836-6981

Dr. Victor Matthews

College of Humanities & Public Affairs

Dr. Victor Matthews,

Strong Hall 207

(417) 836-5529

Dr. Tammy Jahnke

College of Natural & Applied Sciences

Dr. Tamera Jahnke,

Temple Hall 142

(417) 836-5249

Dr. Anson Elliott

Darr School of Agriculture

Dr. Anson Elliott
Director of Darr School of Agriculture

Karls Hall 201

(417) 836-5638

Dr. Tom Tomasi

Graduate College

Dr. Tom Tomasi,
Associate Dean

Carrington Hall 306

(417) 836-5335

Tom Peters

Library Services

Mr. Tom Peters

Meyer Library 302

(417) 836-4525

Other University Administrators

Ken McClure

Administrative & Information Services

Mr. Ken McClure,
Vice President for Administrative & Information Services

Carrington Hall 104

(417) 836-5233

Paul Kincaid

Assistant to the President

Mr. Paul Kincaid,
Chief of Staff

Carrington Hall 205

(417) 836-5139

Dr. Ken Coopwood

Diversity & Inclusion

Dr. Ken Coopwood,
Vice President for Diversity & Inclusion

Carrington Hall 302

(417) 836-3736

Stephen Foucart


Stephen Foucart,
Chief Financial Officer

Carrington Hall 119A

(417) 836-5632

Dr. Dee Sisco

Student Affairs

Dr. Denita Siscoe,
Vice President for Student Affairs

Carrington Hall 200

(417) 836-5526

Brent Dunn

University Advancement

Mr. Brent Dunn,
Vice President for University Advancement

Meyer Alumni Center 505

(417) 836-6666