Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee Procedures

Guidelines for Submitting a Grade Appeal to the Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee

Fall 2016 Deadlines

August 31, October 7, and November 16

Spring 2017 Deadlines

January 25, March 8, and April 19

Fall 2016 Meetings

September 14, October 21, and November 30

Spring 2017 Meetings

February 8, March 22, and May 3

(Review the full “Grade Re-evaluation Based On Exceptions to University Policy”)

The Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee considers students’ requests based upon exceptions to University Policy rather than a faculty member’s evaluation of performance in a course (e.g. failure to officially drop a course within the stated time period or receipt of an F grade resulting from failure to remove an I grade in the time allowed) and student requests for grade changes made after an extended period.

Please complete the online form to submit your appeal for consideration. If you have questions concerning appeals, please contact Jessica Silvey at or (417)836-8346

Additional documentation could include a letter of support from your instructor, department head, and/or member of the administration.

Appealing students do not attend meetings. Students will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.

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