Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee Procedures

Guidelines for Submitting a Grade Appeal to the Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee

Fall 2015 Deadlines are September 17, October 22 and November 26
Fall 2015 Meetings are October 1, November 5 and December 10

(Review the full “Grade Re-evaluation Based On Exceptions to University Policy”)

The Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee considers students’ requests based upon exceptions to University Policy rather than a faculty member’s evaluation of performance in a course (e.g. failure to officially drop a course within the stated time period or receipt of an F grade resulting from failure to remove an I grade in the time allowed) and student requests for grade changes made after an extended period.

For answers to questions concerning appeals please contact Jessica Silvey, SSRRC coordinator. Her office is located in University Hall 115, Office of Student Development & Public Affairs. Her phone number 417-836-8346.

Students must submit the following to the Scholastic Standards and Revision of Records Committee c/o Jessica Silvey, Missouri State University, 901 S. National, Office of Student Development & Public Affairs, University Hall 115, Springfield MO 65897:

1. TYPED FORMAL LETTER which must include the following information:

  1. Date
  2. Your full name including middle initial
  3. Your M-number
  4. Your current address, including zip code
  5. A forwarding address, in the event that you are planning to move in the near future
  6. Your telephone number, including area code
  7. State specifically the change you are requesting, including the semester(s) involved and the specific courses involved
  8. State specifically why you believe the change should be made—i.e., describe the extenuating circumstances involved, including the provision of specific, relevant dates
  9. Your signature

2. Documentation supporting your request may be presented. For example, if the extenuating circumstances involved a medical problem the student is obligated to provide supporting evidence as to the nature and severity of the illness (dated letter from a physician, insurance documents, etc.), but is NOT obligated to personally disclose anything about their medical condition if they elect not to do so. This information will be held in strict confidence and will not be released after the decision of the committee unless a written request is received by the office.

3. If your appeal is based on the fact you stopped attending but did not properly drop or withdraw, please indicate your last date of attendance in your appeal letter.

4. Additional documentation could include a letter of support from your instructor, department head, and/or member of the administration.

5. Appeals (including supporting documentation) must be submitted to the Office of Student Development & Public Affairs at least two weeks prior to the committee meeting at which the student wishes his/her request to be considered—allowing time to obtain transcripts, copy and disseminate materials to committee members, and study the requests.Deadlines to receive appeals in the Office of Student Development & Public Affairs are indicated under the title of this document.

6. Appealing students do not attend meetings. Students will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.