Foundation Award for Teaching

Beth Hurst

Dr. Beth Hurst

College of Education
Reading, Foundations, and Technology

I. Philosophy of Teaching

In my 25 years as a teacher, on the elementary, high school, and college level, I have discovered there are basically two things students need from me—to learn and to enjoy learning. I have also realized that I need those same two ingredients in order to enjoy teaching. I have found that one of the keys to meeting both of these goals is social interaction. It has been long well established that it is vital to the learning process. The other key is that the classroom needs to be a safe atmosphere in which we can openly discuss our ideas and philosophies, a place where we are all active participants in the learning process, a place that is a community of learners. This is the type of environment I have always tried to establish in all of my classrooms whether face-to-face or online.

II. Examples of Courses/Topics

  • RDG 474 - Reading and Writing in the Content Fields (Required for all Middle School and Secondary Majors)
  • RDG 710 - Content Area Literacy (Required Course for Graduate Literacy Program)
  • RDG 770 - Curriculum Design in Literacy (Required Course for Graduate Literacy Program)
  • RDG 791 - Problems in Literacy Education (Required Course for Graduate Literacy Program)
  • RDG 795 – Research Seminar in Literacy (Required Course for Graduate Literacy Program)
  • RDG 799 – Research Thesis in Literacy (Optional Course in Graduate Literacy Program)

III. Future Projects

Working on second edition of the book Keeping the Light in Your Eyes: Encouragement from Teachers who still Love to Teach

Working on research study with a colleague and graduate assistant on equivalency between face- to-face courses and online courses

IV. Topics related to teaching and of interest to the University Community, for which you are available for presentations and/or consultations (e.g., presentation tools, special topics, technology, public affairs).

  • Making the Move to Online Teaching
  • Reading and Writing across all Content Areas
  • Strategies to Enhance Learning through Social Interaction
  • Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension
  • Teacher Motivation
  • Collaborative Writing for Publication