Missouri State University

Futures Task Force Minutes

November 3, 2005

Those attending were: Frank Einhellig, Chair, Marc Cooper, Julie Masterson, Jim Baker, Jane Doelling, D. Wayne Mitchell, Chris Barnhart, Ryan Giedd, Elizabeth Rozell, Mike Carlie, Michael Hignite, Dennis Schmitt, Peter Collins, Katie Hope, Wade Thompson

Staff: Tami Sutton

The meeting began at 3:30 pm in PSU 317 with review of the October 27 meeting notes. The meeting notes were amended to reflect the correct name of American History and Cultures research and scholarship emphasis area. The notes were approved as amended.

The meeting continued with a discussion on the open forums that are to be held to solicit faculty input on the research and scholarship emphasis areas. Ms. Tami Sutton reported that per direction of the Task Force at the October 27 meeting she had contacted conference services to reserve Karls 101 for the Monday date of November 28, and for Tuesday, November 29, Karls 102 had been reserved. The meeting times for both dates would be 3:30 to 5:00 pm. The format for the open forums will be finalized at the November 10 meeting.

Dr. Einhellig, Chair of the Task Force then reviewed that at the October 27 meeting that, Arts and Technology, Entrepreneurship, Materials Science, Environment and Water Quality, and American History and Cultures' subgroups had given their reports. The meeting continued with the reports from the remaining subgroups: Life-Span Behavioral Studies, Performing Arts, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Public Health and Teaching and Learning Research. Discussion followed after each report, with the decision being made by the Task Force to re-title Public Health to "Health", Life-Span Behavioral Studies to "Life-Span Research" and Plant and Animal Biotechnology to "Biotechnology." Teaching and Learning Research and Performing Arts would remain as titled.

International Studies was the last emphasis area to be reported. Dr. Dennis Hickey had submitted a partial report early in October, but he had to leave the group for sabbatical before the report was completed and reviewed by the Future's Task Force. The Task Force determined that this emphasis area needed further research and refining. Dr. Marc Cooper volunteered to take on this assignment and it was decided that he would present a final report for discussion by the Task Force at the November 10 meeting.

Dr. Einhellig directed the Task Force to forward their refined subgroup reports to Ms. Sutton and that she would post them to the Future's website for review and comment by the faculty. Faculty comments would be collected and disseminated to the Future's Task Force as they were received. Dr. Einhellig also reported that he will do an email to be sent to all faculty soliciting their input on the research and scholarship emphasis areas that have been posted and will announce the dates, time and locations for the open forums as well in the email.

The meeting concluded with a discussion on infrastructure support, that is, the need for faculty lines, facilities, and equipment necessary to support the emerging emphasis areas. Dr. Mitchell provided a handout detailing some of those infrastructural needs. It was decided that his handout would be discussed more fully at the November 10 meeting and that the report may possibly be included in the final report submitted to the president.

The next meeting of the Task Force will be Thursday, November 10. Dr. Einhellig has been asked to give a Future's Task Force report at the November 10 Faculty Senate meeting and asked that the Future's Task Force meeting time be changed to begin at 4.00 pm to allow him time to attend both Faculty Senate at 3:30 and then Future's Task Force at 4:00 pm. The meeting will be held in PSU 317.

Respectively submitted,

Tami Sutton
Executive Assistant