Out-of-class Testing Policy

All accommodations for course examinations/quizzes are noted on the accommodation memo which is created by the Disability Resource Center. It is the student’s responsibility to provide to the instructor the accommodation memo, have a dialogue regarding all accommodations, and discuss testing accommodations. At this time, the student and instructor should discuss details regarding testing and quiz accommodations. As courses develop throughout the semester, communication regarding all accommodations (including out of class testing accommodations) may need to be discussed more than once. When questions or concerns arise that cannot be resolved, instructors and/or students should contact the Disability Resource Center immediately.

Students with disabilities are best served by accommodating them in the most integrated setting possible. Therefore, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) encourages instructors to provide examination/quiz accommodations within the class or within their own department. Ultimately, it is the instructor’s responsibility to provide testing accommodations; however, if it is necessary for the student to use the DRC for examination/quiz proctoring, then the DRC office needs to be notified a minimum of three business days prior to the examination/quiz. It is expected that the student will take exams/quizzes at the same time as their classmates. Exceptions may be granted by the instructor in consultation with the DRC. If there is a conflict regarding date or time, please notify the DRC.

Once the DRC is notified of a possible exam date and time, DRC will confirm each individual exam/quiz through an electronic form that the instructor is to complete and return to DRC@MissouriState.edu. On this form, the instructor is free to confirm or change the time, date, and specifications as to how the exam is to be proctored. The instructor is always free to contact DRC staff through the online form, phone contact, or email if there are ever any questions or concerns regarding the exam specifications. If the instructor prefers not to access this form by email, DRC staff will send a paper from to the instructor. DRC will make every attempt to communicate with the instructor through phone contact or through the instructor’s departmental secretary.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to complete and return the online form. It is critical that the DRC receives the completed online form and exam/quiz from the instructor prior to the exam date. The DRC strives to provide the best, most appropriate accommodations possible and cannot do so without this information.

Exams/quizzes may be emailed to DRC@MissouriState.edu or faxed to 836-3158. DRC staff will pick up and deliver examination/quizzes at the request of the instructor. The examinations/quizzes are kept in a secure area until signed for by the person picking up the examination/quiz or until delivered to the designated department. DRC returns examinations/quizzes within 24 hours from the time the examination/quiz is given.

The DRC must be notified by the student and/or instructor regarding any changes or additions to examination/quiz dates and times. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to obtain permission to reschedule an examination/quiz. The DRC will verify any rescheduled examination/quiz with the instructor.

The finished exam will be dropped off at the departmental office of the instructor unless the instructor directs otherwise. Someone must sign a receipt for the exam. If the professor has any questions or would like the exam to be dropped off, the professor should notify the DRC.

Accommodations should not alter the nature of the course or program of study. If a professor feels that any accommodation is fundamentally altering the nature of the course or program of study, the instructor should notify the DRC immediately. Please note that the DRC is unable to provide exams/quizzes with unlimited time.

If a student is suspected of academic dishonesty, full information will be turned over to the instructor of the course for disciplinary action. In addition, the Director of the DRC may consider following The Student Academic Integrity Policies and Procedures.

For a full statement of policies and procedures, the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities, and the rights and responsibilities of the University and its faculty, see the Disability Resource Center website.