Comprehensive Examination

Op3.19-6 Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive examinations will be administered at a time and place to be designated by the department (no later than two weeks before commencement).

  1. To be eligible to take the comprehensive examination, a student must have an approved Advisor Approved Program of Study on file in the Graduate College and must have a 3.00 graduate GPA.  The student’s department will determine if the necessary 3.00 GPA has been acquired.
  2. Comprehensive Examination Application/Result forms are available from the Graduate College or online at (under Forms) and should be returned to the student’s department upon completion.
  3. The department will notify the student of the time and place of the examination.  The use of various modes of technology during the exam, such as computer word processing, will follow the departmental policy and may vary from one graduate program to another.
  4. The department will forward results of the examination to the Graduate College.
  5. The student will receive written notification of the results from the Graduate College.

A student not passing the comprehensive examination may repeat the exam upon the recommendation of the advisor and the department head and with the approval of the Graduate College.  Except for students in the MBA, the MAcc, the MSCIS, MS in PAS and MS in Project Management, a comprehensive examination must be passed by the candidate before a degree will be granted.