Acquisition of Hazardous Materials

Op2.07-1 Acquisition of Hazardous Materials


To maintain proper control and management of all hazardous materials located on the Missouri State campus.

This degree of control over hazardous materials is necessary to minimize waste generation, and assist in tracking these materials that could ultimately become hazardous waste.


The process of acquisition at Missouri State is as described below:

  1. Acquisition Procedures
    1. Hazardous materials will be purchased only in the quantity required for instruction and/or research.  A guide is to purchase no more than the amount needed in one academic year.  Unnecessary bulk orders are not authorized.
    2. The purchase must occur in one of the following ways:
      1. Through the Missouri State Procurement Services by the use of a Purchase Order (PO) or Department Order Form (DOF).  A copy of the PO or DOF will be forwarded to the office of Environmental Management.
      2. Obtained from an outside supplier.  The chemical name and amount will be provided to the Environmental Management office by the purchaser.
    3. Missouri State will not accept donations of hazardous materials from any source unless all of the following conditions are met:
      1. The item is one that is regularly purchased, and the original label is intact.
      2. The container is not corroded or damaged.
      3. The material is accompanied by an Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
      4. Accepted in limited quantities only.
      5. With approval of Director of Environmental Management.
    4. Any purchase of hazardous materials will include a request for an MSDS from the manufacturer.
    5. A copy of an MSDS received from the vendor for a hazardous material will be displayed at a central location accessible to all users of the chemical, and the original sent to the Environmental Management office.
    6. When an MSDS is received first by the Environmental Management office, a copy will be forwarded to the department who made the purchase.
    7. Copies of an MSDS may be obtained from the ordering department, chemical storage area, or the Environmental Management office.