Missouri State University

Acceptable Use

Taxpayers, students, and others providing funding for Missouri State technology resources expect that these assets will be used and offered equitably. Further, they expect use of these resources to support the University's purpose of developing educated persons and mission of public affairs.


To be an authorized user of Missouri State University information technology resources, you must be a current or emeritus University faculty member, a currently employed or emeritus staff member, or a currently enrolled student. Other individuals may also become authorized users with guest accounts for purposes consistent with the purpose and mission of the University; examples include someone providing service to the University and visiting faculty.


Use of University computer and communication resources is a privilege. As an authorized user, you are responsible for the security and use of your computer accounts. You accept full responsibility for your accounts, your data and all activity performed on university computing resources by you or through your accounts. You agree to follow all University policies, including this Acceptable Use Policy and the following policies:

You further agree to comply with directives regarding these policies from University officials who are acting in performance of their duties. You agree to comply with directives even when you disagree with them. You retain the right to appeal an issued directive through the administrative structure that exists for the faculty or staff member who issued the directive, through established policies.

Since university computer and network resources are limited, you agree to respect the needs of others to use University resources for approved activities. For more information on your responsibilities, see these resources:

Acceptable Uses

Acceptable uses of information technology can help enhance University communications and build a sense of community. However, unlawful or inappropriate uses reduce the amount of resources available to satisfy the University's purpose and can infringe on the rights of others.

The University expects all authorized users to use information technologies in a responsible, acceptable manner. As such, you may use University resources for these activities:

  • Instructional use in classes
  • Research
  • Administrative support
  • Electronic communication for university business
  • Web page development
  • Resume or vita posting
  • Performance of job duties
  • University-sanctioned activities

Other uses are allowed as long as the uses do not cause these problems:

  • Adversely impact the University's information technology resources--such as directly or indirectly interfering with the operation of University computing/communication facilities or abusing technical support specialists' time
  • Burden the University with noticeable incremental cost
  • Violate the University's purpose or mission, University policy, faculty or employee handbooks, Board bylaws and rules, contractual obligations, or local, state, or federal laws and regulations--such as violating license agreements

Unacceptable uses

Regarding University resources, you may not perform these activities:

  • Share your University accounts' passwords with others, allow anyone else to use your account, or use someone else's account
  • Copy, share, upload, download, send, or knowingly receive copyrighted or trade/service marked materials without authorization--see more information about copyright issues
  • Use the University's computers, networks, or other information technology resources for paid consulting, non-University business purposes, or political gain--unless allowed in the Faculty Handbook or Employee Handbook provisions
  • Send or post illegal, defamatory, harassing, pornographic, obscene, or patently offensive sexual materials in email, web pages, newsgroup postings or other electronic forms of communication--these restrictions are in addition to Missouri Revised Statutes 565.090, 537.523, and 537.110
  • Send, post, or display patently offensive sexual materials to minors--these restrictions are in addition to items prohibited by sections 573.010-573.065 of the Missouri Revised Statutes, or other local, state, or federal law
  • Fraudulently access and interfere with computer systems, resources, data or other users--for more information, see sections 569.094-569.099 of the Missouri Revised Statutes
  • Examine, alter or attempt to examine/alter another computer user's private files or electronic communications without authorization
  • Use or alter electronic communications to hide your identity or impersonate another party
  • Disrupt, attempt to disrupt or support the disruption of University or external information technology services, systems, or users--disruptive activities include, but are not limited to: 
    • sending unauthorized mass, chain, or spam email
    • using software that overloads the network
    • connecting unauthorized electronic equipment to the network
    • connecting equipment to the network in an unauthorized fashion
    • knowingly transmitting viruses
    • hosting or using open mail relays on University equipment
    • running non-authorized software robots
  • Play games during official work time or in University open-access computer labs
  • Commit acts of academic dishonesty, including cheating, fabrication, plagiarism, or facilitating academic dishonesty
  • Rent or sell personally identifiable University data to anyone (unless specifically disclosed in the Privacy Policy)