Missouri State University

Privacy Training Content Outline

The Privacy Training provided to the workforce may include the following:

I. What is HIPAA?

  • Background and History
  • Compliance Date 

II. What is Protected Health Information ("PHI")?

  • Any information about a participant's past, present, or future physical or mental health condition or payment for care that identifies or could be used to identify the patient.

III. What the Privacy Rule Will Mean for Health Plans

  • Required to comply - not voluntary
  • Notice of Privacy Practices ("Notice")
  • Privacy Official
  • Use and Disclosure of PHI
  • Authorization Forms
  • Business Associates
  • Disclosure to Missouri State University
  • Participant Rights
  • Privacy Policies and Procedures
  • Minimum necessary uses, disclosures of and requests for PHI
  • Responsibility to protect participant's PHI
  • Complaint Procedure
  • Sanctions for Violations
  • Refraining from Retaliatory or Intimidating Acts

IV. What the Privacy Rule Will Mean for Participants

  • Increased knowledge about the uses and disclosures of their PHI
  • Specific rights regarding their PHI including:
    • The right to a paper copy of the organization's Notice
    • The right to request restrictions on the uses and disclosures of their PHI
    • The right to receive confidential communication
    • The right of access to their PHI
    • The right to request amendment of inaccurate or incomplete PHI
    • The right to request an accounting of disclosures of PHI