Contracts for Construction

G8.06 Contracts for Construction

As a state institution, all contracts involving construction on any property owned or used by Missouri State University shall be procured, executed, and administered in strict compliance with the statutes and laws of the State of Missouri including, but not necessarily limited to, applicable sections of chapters 8 and 290 of the Missouri Revised Statutes as well as any applicable sections of the Code of State Regulations. In addition, all University contracts shall comply with Governing Policy: Contract Authorization, G1.18.

All work involving contracts for construction shall be the responsibility of the office of Planning, Design, and Construction.

Construction as defined by the state statutes includes construction, reconstruction, improvement, enlargement, alteration, painting and decorating, major repair, conversion, or increase in size and/or capacity. Replacement of a damaged, deteriorated, or worn item, system, or asset for the purpose of reestablishing the original capacity or capability is defined as repair by replacement and is considered construction.