Use and Sale of Missouri State University-Mountain Grove Wine and Spirits

I. General Principle/Policy Statement.

Missouri State University is the holder of federal and state permits for the manufacture and sale of wine and spirits in support of the Fruit Experiment Station and Mid-America Viticulture and Enology Center located at the Mountain Grove Campus, and all funds generated after taxes are the property of Missouri State University.  Use of such University produced wine and spirits will be permitted only as authorized by state and federal laws, including payment of all applicable taxes, and as set forth in the University’s alcohol use policies.

II. Retail and Wholesale Sales.

All retail and wholesale sales will be from the University’s licensed retail location in proximity to the manufacturing site at Mountain Grove or through the University’s websites.  The Chancellor of the Mountain Grove campus shall determine the prices charged for retail and wholesale sales.  (Res. Policies & Procedures No. 133-09; Bd. Min. 2-20-09.)