Ozark's Public Health Institute


The number of OPHI staff expands and contracts depending on the size and need of current projects.  The staff housed in the OPHI office are listed below:

Dr. Dalen Duitsman, Director

Dr. Duitsman received his doctorate in Health Education/Public Health and his M.S. from Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana. He received his duel undergraduate degrees in Health Education and Physical Education from William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. 

Prior to his arrival at Missouri State University in the fall of 1996, he was a Health Studies faculty at Iowa State University.  During his tenure there he helped revise the Community Health Education curriculum and was instrumental in the growth of the program.  At Missouri State, he implemented and administered the M.S. in Health Promotion and Wellness Management graduate program and also developed, implemented and administered the Master of Public Health program. 

In February of 2001 Dr. Duitsman was appointed by the Board of Governor’s to serve as Director of the OPHI.  In this position he has served as the principle investigator of numerous contracts and grants that have focused on solving community public health issues in Missouri.  He has been successful in uniting university resources and community stakeholder resources to develop and implement targeted interventions to address community health related needs.  Dr. Duitsman’s expertise also extends to creation of partnerships and coalitions.  He is known in the state for his leadership on state-wide, regional, and local boards, committees and coalitions.  He currently serves as President of the Missouri Public Health Association and President of the Missouri Institute of Community Health.

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Delores Joyce, Project Coordinator

Ms. Joyce received her Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in not for profit administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  Her passion to improve the health of people in Missouri through advocacy is evidenced by the active roles she has undertaken in the state.  She has served as an advocate for tobacco use prevention both on a local and statewide level for more than 15 years. 

Currently, she is the Chairperson of breathe easy Christian County, serves on the Advisory Board of the Healthy Living Alliance and has been an active (and founding) member of breathe easy Springfield/One Air Alliance since it began in 1997.  In addition, she has been an active member of the statewide tobacco coalition for the past ten years and for the past four years has served as a Board member for Tobacco Free Missouri.  She has extensive experience working with businesses to develop smoke free polices and has developed a strong base of community partners dedicated to reducing tobacco use. 

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Jo Thompson, Outreach Coordinator

Jo Thompson has 19 years of leadership, volunteer and program management experience in the non-profit sector including six years as the Regional Director of the American Lung Association.  She was hired as the Outreach Coordinator for Project Smokebusters in January 2009 as part of the contract with Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.  In this role, Ms. Thompson coordinated and implemented Project Smokebusters in the southern Missouri region.  This included recruiting and training youth and mentors from area schools and assisting with activities, reports, and data collection. As Outreach Coordinator, Ms. Thompson also collaborates extensively with area health departments, community coalitions and school districts.  Ms. Thompson is a Missouri State University graduate.

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Amber Rounseville-Smith, Tobacco Educator

Amber Rounseville-Smith is a graduate of two degrees from Missouri State University, including a Master of Science degree in Health Promotion and Wellness Management. She has worked in the public and private sectors, helping organizations improve the health and wellness of individuals within the organization and community. She is one of the original promoters and developers of the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor Fitness Festival and has utilized her experience in public health in the implementation of the Kick it! program.  Her goals are to provide opportunities to maximize overall health and wellness of people in southwest Missouri.

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Graduate students

Cindy Calender

Cindy Calender is a graduate student in the Masters of Public Health program and a graduate assistant at the Ozark’s Public Health Institute (OPHI).  She is a member of breathe easy Christian County and Tobacco Free Missouri. Cindy’s work experience includes: administrative duties, research, policy analysis, and coalition building for tobacco-free communities.  She has a B.S. in Psychology and Dietetics. Her interest includes maternal child health and health education with an emphasis on nutrition and tobacco.

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