Post-Master's Nurse Educator Certificate

The nurse educator post-master's certificate is for the student who already has a Master of Science in Nursing from an accredited master's program and who would like to be certified as a nurse educator. All of the five courses in our nurse educator program can be completed online. Online courses in this program will help you connect with other nursing professionals around the nation and learn more about health care needs of communities in the surrounding areas.

Teaching students and professionals

As a nurse educator you have the ability to work in the classroom, in hospitals and the community. You will be responsible for designing, evaluating and teaching curriculum to future nurses, nursing professionals and the community. You can teach others about ongoing research and new advancements in the nursing field.

As a nurse educator, you will be able to provide your students a foundation of knowledge in nursing theories and practices. Nurse educators can also find employment in advisement and management for health care facilities.

Topic areas covered in the curriculum

  • Developing curriculum and programs
  • Staff education
  • Evaluation of nursing programs
  • Teaching and learning techniques
  • Strategies in nurse education
  • Issues in nursing education

During the program, two practicum experiences will allow you to prepare lessons and educate pre-nursing students, nursing students or health care professionals.

Degree option