Simulation Laboratory

Helping students learn to handle any situation

The School of Nursing's state-of-the-art simulation laboratory is on the cutting edge of health care informatics. The laboratory features programmable mannequins in every stage of life. Students work in teams to simulate a real-life situation in which they must practice taking care of the patient’s needs. Students take on the role of nurse or family member to help them understand how to handle unique situations. The main features of the simulation laboratory include the following:

  • HD video system to record skill performance
  • High-fidelity mannequins
  • Programmable ailments from fever to disease

The laboratory is always being updated, and new programmable ailments and mannequins are added for students to treat. The laboratory also features a video system to record student performance in the laboratory, which is then reviewed with a professor. Professors use the video as a teaching tool to evaluate student skills and performance and give suggestions.