Student Opportunities and Services

Students volunteer in their free time

Training outside of the classroom

Experiences that span outside the classroom and beyond are available to students during their time in the nursing program. Each opportunity was created to supplement the course work and emphasizes a combination of community and acute training. Many of the opportunities listed below are incorporated into nursing course work.

  • Community outreach

    Gain information about future careers while you learn community care skills and help organizations around the area. Community partnerships have been made with organizations that serve almost every age and need allowing you to interact with every type of patient.

  • Living and learning communities

    Find support by living with other College of Health and Human Services majors in a residence hall on campus. In a living and learning community you are able to study together, meet new individuals and take advantage of professional development events.

  • Student organizations

    Participate in activities that have you interacting with your classmates outside of the classroom and in the community that include offering support at health fairs, wellness events and adopting organization. Involvement in student organizations can increase the number of professional relationships you make in the program.

  • Study away

    Each year the nursing school takes a study away trip to Ecuador. Students provide medical services to individuals who are in need while experience life and health care in another country. You will receive course credit for this trip by enrolling in NUR 503 transcultural health care.