Advisory Committee

Professionals who help

The school has a committee of nursing professionals from the southwest Missouri region who give the school their professional opinion on curriculum. Many of the members serve as preceptors for students during acute and community rotations. Most of the committee members are also alumni of the School of Nursing.

  • Tim Shryack

    Clinical director, Jordan Valley Qualified Health Center. BSN-C alum, per course faculty member, and preceptor

  • Elisa Coonrod

    Breast cancer tracking coordinator, Southwest Missouri Public Health, BSN-C alum, and preceptor

  • Jennifer Passanise

    Community fundraiser at Missouri State, BSN-C and FNP alum, and preceptor

  • Lori Brown

    Interim vice president of nursing, Skaggs Hospital and Clinical site preceptor

  • Rocky Levell

    Owner, Family Pharmacy and Community member

  • Gaye Schaffitzel

    Specializes in health informatics, Cox Health Systems and Nurse educator alum

  • Janice Jones

    Family nurse practitioner and preceptor