A student discusses her schedule with her advisor

Offering guidance at any time

The School of Nursing at Missouri State understands how important guidance is to students as they pursue a degree in one of our undergraduate or graduate programs. All faculty members in the school are considered advisors and value the opportunity to help students make educated decisions that affect not only their education but also their future career choices.

Pre-nursing advisement

Before students are admitted into either the four-year BSN or the BSN-C degree program, it is recommended that they meet with an advisor in the School of Nursing who can better assist them to develop a plan of study.  Many of the nursing courses require prerequisites.  Advisors in the school can evaluate the courses taken thus far and help students reach the next level of the program. A full-time staff advisor is available to help students interested in transferring to Missouri State from another college or university to better understand program requirements and evaluate courses already completed.  Students are not considered a nursing major until they have been accepted into the nursing program; however, they can still benefit from pre-nursing advisement provided by the school.

Pre-nursing students or those with an undecided major who have questions concerning pre-nursing advisement should contact the nursing school for more information.

Undergraduate advisement

Once a student has been admitted to the four-year BSN program, he or she will receive an email that provides the name and contact information for a faculty advisor, as all four-year BSN students will be advised by members of the BSN faculty. Contact the BSN program for more information.

BSN-C advisement can be done via telephone, email, fax, or by appointment.

Graduate advisement

Graduate advisors in the school seek to help students complete advanced degrees while juggling a career.  Course offerings are flexible and conveniently fit into a busy schedule. The goal is to help students make additional connections in their specialization and increase their marketability.

For more information concerning graduate advisement, contact the nurse educator program director or the family nurse practitioner/doctor of nursing practice program director.