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Melissa HerrMelissa Herr


Melissa Herr has been involved with arts education since 1997. Her work has included dramaturgy at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, five years of teaching secondary education English and Theatre, and per course instruction in playwriting at Missouri State University. Herr holds a BA in Theatre from Butler University, an MLS from Indiana University and an MA in Theatre from Bowling Green State University. When she is not working on the Missouri Fine Arts Academy, she enjoys reading, writing, hiking and spending time with her family. Her children's poetry and short stories have appeared in Jack and Jill magazine, and she recently started a blog about raising a daughter with autism.

Megan FrauenhofferMegan Frauenhoffer

Coordinator, Faculty - Visual Arts

Megan Frauenhoffer is a printmaking artist originating from St. Louis. Her formal art training began at Missouri State University, where in May 2007 she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art with an emphasis in printmaking. In May 2010, she completed a master's in visual studies, focusing on both drawing and printmaking at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Her drawings, prints, and collages explore the ideas of perfection/imperfection, subconscious fears, identity, and trans-formative narratives. As an artist, Frauenhoffer's artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her artwork has been featured in "Beautiful/Decay Magazine," "Minneapolis City Pages 100 Creatives," "Paper Darts Press Get In If You Want To Live," and "Miami Art Basel." As a teacher, she has trained students of all ages at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis's Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Saint Louis ARTworks Summer Program and Missouri State University.