Missouri State University
Missouri Fine Arts Academy June 8-28, 2014

Apply to MFAA

  • Students

  • Resident Assistants

  • Faculty

  • Who may apply

    Any current high school sophomore or junior may apply to the Missouri Fine Arts Academy may apply in the following areas of study:

    • Visual Arts (painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography, digital art)
    • Theatre (acting)
    • Dance (modern, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop)
    • Creative Writing (fiction, short story, poetry, playwriting, spoken word)
    • Music (vocal or instrumental performance, songwriting, composition, electronic music)

    To apply in another artistic discipline, please contact MFAA Director Ray Castrey at mfaa@missouristate.edu or 417-836-6607.

    Application materials

    Each applicant must submit all the following application materials:

    1. Student application form
      The application is now available online (preferred method) or a .pdf version* is available to electronically complete and email to mfaa@missouristate.edu.
    2. Essay
      In about 500 words, describe the impact of the arts in your life and how the interdisciplinary and collaborative experiences of MFAA might help you grow as an artist and person.
      You may type and email essay separately or use the MFAA Student Application essay form*.
    3. Student evaluation by school personnel
      Provide a teacher, counselor, or other school official who knows you well with the MFAA Student Evaluation form*, and have him/her submit the form electronically or by mail.
    4. A portfolio/video performance
      Visual artists and creative writers must submit a digtal or physical portfolio of their work. Actors, dancers, and musicians must submit a performance video. Composers/electronic musicians may submit audio files and/or scores of their work. Closely follow MFAA's Portfolio and Video Performance Preparation Guidelines*.

      Please note that we are unable to return any application materials.

    * PDF forms require Adobe Reader® to view and successfully complete. For best results, right-click on the document link to save the file to computer desktop and then open with Adobe Reader.

    Application deadline

    All application materials must be electronically submitted or postmarked to:

    Missouri Fine Arts Academy
    901. S. National Ave.
    Springfield, MO  65897

    Application status

    Early applicants will be notified by Feb. 24, 2014 of their status for MFAA 2014.

    For any additional information, please contact Ray Castrey, MFAA Director, at mfaa@missouristate.edu or 417-836-6607.


  • All RAs for MFAA 2014 have been selected. Thank you for your interest.


    Scope of an RA's Responsibility

    Each RA will work closely with up to 20 rising high school juniors and seniors, assisting and supervising them in the residence hall. RAs will help create an atmosphere that encourages all students to take advantage of all that MFAA has to offer. They ensure that rules and regulations are followed. RAs also assist with the academic and/or co-curricular programs. Assignments may include assisting in MFAA classrooms, supervising groups of students at events, facilitating workshops or programs, conducting daily assemblies, and performing office duties. Candidates for the position would benefit by having experience working with high school students, but it is not required. Experience as an RA at a college or university is also helpful.

    RA Time Table (MANDATORY)

    Please do not submit an application if you are unable to participate fully in the following schedule:

    MFAA Orientation MFAA In Session Post-MFAA Activities
     June 5-7 June 8-28  June 29


    Travel expenses to and from Missouri State University for MFAA activities will not be paid by MFAA.

    RA Salary, Housing and Meals

    RAs will receive a stipend of $1,700, gross (unless additional MFAA duties are negotiated). Room and board at MFAA orientation and during MFAA will be provided.

    Academy Schedule

    MFAA is in session for 21 days, 7 days a week; classes meet 5 days a week. Students, faculty, and staff are involved in numerous activities on non-curricular days.


    For any additional information, please contact Ray Castrey, MFAA Director, at mfaa@missouristate.edu or 417-836-6607.

  • All faculty for MFAA 2014 have been selected. Thank you for your interest.


    For guidelines for course descriptions, check our Curriculum web page for examples of discipline-specific courses offered during the Missouri Fine Arts Academy.

    • Design courses for artistically gifted high school juniors and seniors who have experience in an MFAA specific discipline.
    • Focus on advanced theory, rhetoric, and practice.
    • Choose an area or approach that you are confident will not be addressed or explored in Missouri’s high school classrooms during the regular school year.
    • Plan for groups of 10-15 students.
    • Plan courses that will meet 7 times during the Academy for 1.5 hours.

About MFAA

The Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) is a three-week summer residential program for highly motivated student artists in visual arts, theatre, dance, creative writing, and music. The Academy offers an intensive schedule of classes in interdisciplinary and discipline-specific arts, and a wide range of co-curricular activities. MFAA is conducted with the support and cooperation of Missouri State University, and is funded through program fees, grants, endowments, scholarships, and private donations.

Student Selection

The application, including a portfolio or audition video, essay, and student evaluation form will be reviewed and adjudicated by a panel of artists and educators. Applicants will receive emails regarding their status the week of February 24, and selected students will receive letters of invitation in early March 2014.

Fees and Scholarships

Thanks to a grant from the legislature, governor and the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, we are able to offer a reduced program fee of $1400 for MFAA 2014. The fee includes all costs for room, meals, classes, and activities. Need-based scholarships are available for eligible students as noted in the student application form. We will notify applicants of scholarship opportunities when invitations to MFAA 2014 are extended in March 2014.

College Credit

Students who attend MFAA are automatically enrolled in IDS101/Interdisciplinary Seminar at Missouri State University at no additional cost, and receive three hours college credit upon successful completion of the MFAA program. This credit is generally transferable to any college or university program.

Missouri State University MFAA Scholarship

MFAA students who complete IDS 101 and who subsequently enroll as full time students at Missouri State University will receive a scholarship of three credit hours during their first semester of full time enrollment.