Middle Eastern Studies

The Middle Eastern Studies Program is an Intercollegiate program housed in the College of Humanities and Public Affairs and is administered by the Associate Dean of CHPA. It provides a Minor course of study allowing students to concentrate their efforts in the study of the peoples, cultures, history, geography, languages, and religions of the modern Middle East.  Click on this link to view a video on one aspect of the work performed by faculty and students in reconstructing the social world of the Middle East.


Map of Middle East



Middle Eastern Studies program fact sheet
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The Minor consists of 18 hours.  All students are required to take HST 370 and HST 371 or PLS 544, and no more than nine hours in any one discipline to complete the Minor.


207 Public Affairs Classroom Building
Phone: 836-5529
FAX: 836-8472
Email: CHPA@missouristate.edu

Administrator:  Dr. Pam Sailors


Required Courses:

HST 370 - History of the Middle East from 600-1914

HST 371 – History of the Middle East since 1914
PLS 544 – Governments and Politics of the Middle East

Plus twelve hours from the following areas, with no more than six hours from any one category:

1. HST 372, HST 543

2. REL 330, REL 350, REL 397*, ART 382

3. ARB 101, ARB 102, ARB 201, ARB 202; HBW 101, HBW 102, HBW 201, HBW 202; LLT 197*

4. GRY 305*, PLS 546, ANT 335, SOC 397*

*when applicable