Instructional Technology Advisory Committee

ITAC's Charges

The Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC), reporting to the Information Technology (IT) Council, will have the responsibility to advise the IT Council on matters concerning instructional technology policies, procedures, funding, and other activities involving instructional technology, including recommendations for improvements.

Specific charges for the Instructional Technology Advisory Committee (ITAC) are:

  1. Review proposals submitted for funding from the Student Computer Usage Fee (SCUF) Instructional Technology budget. The committee will attempt to prioritize collectively all proposals in accordance with IT Council guidelines and determine which proposals will receive funding. The committee's goal will be to arrive at a division of funds which serves the University system's best interests. Recommendations for funding will be presented to the IT Council for approval. The ITAC may request presentations from the originators of the proposals for the purpose of clarification and explanation of need.
  2. Recommend system-wide classroom instructional technology standards to IT Council for review, finalization, and submission to Administrative Council for approval. Standards may include hardware, software, room level classifications, terminology, and other items deemed appropriate by the IT Council. The IT Council will be responsible for granting any exceptions allowing for the installation of non-standard instructional technology.
  3. Determine the level of support services for instructional spaces that can/should be provided, including methods of communication, and develop a plan to address stakeholder needs and present to the IT Council for approval. Once the level of support services has been determined, develop and publish a matrix identifying who has the responsibility for providing technology support in every instructional space, including primary, secondary and/or emergency response duties.
  4. Make quarterly reports of the committee’s work and progress to the IT Council, including a summary report to be submitted at the end of the fiscal year.

Meeting Schedule

  • TBD