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Office of Human Resources

Welcome to the Office of Human Resources at Missouri State University. The Office of Human Resources is responsible for providing various support services to all departments of the University in order to attract, develop, and retain the human resources needed to effectively accomplish the objectives and to carry out the programs of the University.

The Office of Human Resources administers certain employee-related programs for the University, maintains both computer and manual systems of personnel records, interprets University personnel policies and procedures, and carries out functional responsibilities related to the University's personnel program.

HR News and Events:


New Fee Waiver Credit Course System


BearPAF (Electronic PAF) - First BearPAF application is for appointing Graduate Students to Graduate Assistantships

The BearPAF is an electronic personnel action form (PAF) that is created in a department and routed through the approval queue unique to the department. The first BearPAF application is for Graduate Assistant appointments. BearPAF applications for other types of appointments and personnel actions will be released in the future. Initiators of BearPAFs are required to read training materials prior to being able to use the application. Training materials are available at BearPAF for GA appointments. Contact Lyn McKenzie at 836-4569 for initiator access after reading the training materials.

MyBenefit - New Online Payment Process for Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit and My Learning Connection - New!

MyBenefit is a new online process for all full-time employees to use in applying their $150.00 Noncredit Fee Waiver Benefit towards the cost of personal and professional development classes they would like to register for in My Learning Connection. The new online process replaces the former manual process and use of the Noncredit Fee Waiver paper form. Employees will also be able to pay for these classes with a credit card if they do not want to utilize their Noncredit Fee Waiver benefit for the cost. Please visit this site for more information about the process and improved benefit.

"Blend" Diversity Newsletter - Discovering Diversity in Springfield

The Public Institutions in Springfield have launched “Blend”, a newsletter for institutional administrators, employees and the community, showcasing the advantages of benefits of diversity and the benefits it brings to the community. Please visit the Office for Diversity and Inclusion website to learn more about Diversity at Missouri State University.


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HR Documents and Resources:

Applicant Recruitment and Referral
Employment Process Q&A, Hiring Procedures Handbook, Temporary Employee 1,000 Hour Guide, Part-time Hiring Checklist, Vacancy Announcement

Employee Benefits
Cafeteria Plan, Dental, Educational, Fringe Benefits (Faculty & Staff), Health, HIPAA Privacy Notice, Insurance Premiums, Life, Long-Term Care Insurances, Long-Term Disability, Pharmacies, Retirement Information, St. John's Provider Listing, Tax Shelter Investments 403(b)

Employee and Labor Relations
Employee Handbook, Holiday Schedule, University and IBEW Memorandum of Agreement, University and Teamsters Memorandum of Agreement, Salary Schedule, School Cancellation Policies and Procedures, Severe Weather Staff Policy, Staff Senate Links, Performance Evaluations

Online Forms
Applicant Flow Register Form, Applicant Offer Signature Record Form, Cafeteria Plan Claim Form, Credit Course Fee Waiver Form, Dental Claim Form, Medical Claim Form, Noncredit Course Request for Assistance Form

Retirement Information
MOSERS Pre-Retirement Seminar Registration

Training and Orientation
Employee Training and Development

Monthly Leave Statement
Compensatory Time, Vacation and Sick Leave Information - located through the Work tab of the My Missouri State system.

Job Descriptions

Salary Surveys
The most recent analysis of CUPA National Faculty Survey, CUPA Administrative Compensation Survey, CUPA Mid-level Professional Salary Survey, and Chamber of Commerce (COC) Salary Survey.

Staff Compensation System
Information on the Staff Compensation System, an overview of each job family and information on pay grades and salary ranges.