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Employment and Internships

Student Employment Services

Student Employment Services oversees the student employment process at Missouri State University, and it operates a referral service for Missouri State University students who are currently enrolled at the University.  A variety of on-campus emportment opportunities are available through this service; positions can range from intramural sports officials to receptionists to building managers.  On-campus student employees must have the appropriate documentation to prove their employment eligibility.  We recommend that students secure on-campus jobs, if possible; on-campus employers are generally more aware of and sensitive to the needs of college students (for example, they try to schedule around class times, exams, etc.)   

Local off-campus employers also advertise positions to Missouri State students through this referral service.  These positions tend to be part-time or seasonal jobs.  Should students look for off-campus employment, we recommend that they put a lot of thought and consideration into the positions they interview for and accept.  For example, students should have a good idea what the work conditions will be like, how many hours their employer expects them to work, how suddenly their work shifts may be created or changed, etc.

Work Study

Student Employment Services also administers the placement for the Federal Work Study Program, which provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.  The program encourages community service and work that is related to students course of study.

Unlike other types of financial aid, work study is paid directly to the student as it is earned.  There are a wide variety of work study positions available on and off campus with schedules designed to meet each students needs.  To view open work study positions or a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Work Study page.

Career CenterFollow you passion. Find your Place.

Missouri State University is committed to not only providing students an excellent education, but also assisting students with obtaining employment.  The campus' Career Center helps students navigate the entire career selection and preparation process. 

Students can use the Career Center to investigate major and career options; gain employment experience through internships, practicums, and networking opportunities; and build stronger résumés and interview skills.   For a full list of Career Center resources, visit their "Why Use the Career Center?" page.