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Campus Living, Computing and Dining

Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services

Exterior of FreddyResidence Life, Housing and Dining Services works to provide students with an enriching, enjoyable, and fun residential experience at Missouri State.  The social activities, educational programs, opportunities to foster lasting friendships, convenience, and close proximity to many campus resources, are just a few of the reasons students tell us they enjoy living on campus. 

While living on campus is fun, few will tell you that moving in to their residence halls was a thrilling experience.  We aren't necessarily fans of moving either, so Residence Life has put together a great website containing move-in tips and information that will at least make the experience a little more smooth and efficient.  Once your student has moved in, they will meet their Resident Assistant (RA).  RAs are highly-trained undergraduate students who live on the floors of each residence hall on campus.  They maintain close contact with residents, serve as sources of information and support, help enforce University policies, and create educational and social programs.  Should your student have issues while living on campus, encourage him or her to meet with the floor RA for help!

Move-InDuring move-in, your student's RA will provide him or her with a copy of the Guide to Residence Hall Living.  This publication is a summary of the services, policies and programs that relate to housing at Missouri State. It lets residents know what to expect from Residence Life, and what Residence Life expects from them as a student living on campus. Encourage your student to become familiar with the information in this publication.

At the end of the academic year, students have the option of signing up for University housing for the following year.  This process, called re-application (or simply "re-app"), usually occurs early in the Spring semester.  It is something your student and you should discuss in depth prior to completing a new housing contract.  Information about re-application will be posted on the "Signing Up for Housing" page on Residence Life's website. 

Computing @ Missouri State

Just as it has in many other aspects of modern life, technology has become an important part of higher education.  Missouri State want to ensure that students have access to resources that can enrich your student's education.  Below is a list of resources your student will likely use frequently during their time at Missouri State.


Student with ComputerWhen students create their BearPass Login to access online University resources, they also create a University email address.  Students should check this account regularly, as Missouri State sends important official information to this account.  Students' email mailboxes have 10GB of space, are accessable from anywhere on the Internet, and are retained by students upon graduation. 

Students are also eligible for 25GB of Windows Live SkyDrive space for online document storage, in addition to Office Live Workspace and Live Spaces for document sharing, collaboration, and group discussions. SkyDrive, Workspace, and Spaces services are provided to each student on demand.

My Missouri State

The My Missouri State web portal allows students immediate access to their academic information via their BearPass Login. Information available includes update of addresses and phone numbers, current and future schedules, grade reports, advising notes, registration, degree audits, transcript, holds, accounts receivable information, fee payment, and more.

Wireless Networking (WiFi)

Wireless access to the Internet is available in many areas on campus, including the Plaster Student Union, Meyer Library, all of the open-access computer labs across campus, and each of the residence hall's common areas.  View this page for a complete list of wireless coverage across campus. 

Computer Labs

Meyer Library Computer LabMissouri State offers a large number of computer labs for student use across campus.  Open-access computer labs, maintained by our Computer Services department, are available to all of our students, and each has assistive technologies for students with disabilities.  These labs are located in Cheek Hall 150; Glass Hall 228, 229, 234, and 235; Strong Hall 107; and Meyer Library 200.  Departmental computer labs are also maintained by numerous academic departements, often with special hardware or programs typically used by students in their majors.  Visit this page for a complete list of departmental labs, their hours of availability, and access limits.

Residence halls have a separate networking service, called ResNET, which maintains a small computer lab in each residence hall on campus.  Access to these labs is usually limited to the residents of the particular building by using the card access system. 

Computer Services Help Desk

Few things are as frustrating or confusing as computer problems or questions about computers.  The Computer Services Help Desk provides consultation, troubleshooting services, solution providing, and general computer assistance to ensure students have access to the latest software, the best computers available, and the ability to work in a (technologically) safe and secure environment.   Whether you have a question about computing at Missouri State, need help using a program, or aren’t sure what cell phone to buy, contact the Help Desk and they will provide you with...well, help. 

However, if your student is having problems or issues with computing in the residence halls, he or she should first contact ResNET for assistance, as their computer network is separate from the main campus network. 

Computer and Software Discounts for Students

The Missouri State Bookstore's Computer Connection offers Dell and Apple computers and selected software at discounted student pricing.  Before purchasing computers or software elsewhere, visit the Computer Connection website or stop in the Bookstore to compare pricing; academically-priced computers or software available there can often provide your student and you with big savings. 

If you have questions about purchasing a specific computer or software program, never fear!  Consult our Computer Services department's information page for students and families who attend SOAR; it contains helpful information about selecting the right computer and software for your student.

Dining Services

Meal Plans

Missouri State Dining Services offers different meal plans to accommodate each student's needs; they can be purchased in 10, 14, 19, or unlimited options.  The meal plan option your student selects will provide them with that number of meals to eat each week in any of our three dining centers (more info below).  To redeem a meal, students will present their BearPass Card to the clerk near the entrance.  Once inside, students can select from several rotating all-you-can-eat buffet style options.  Meals do not carry over from week to week, and no refund is provided for unused meals at the end of the semester.  Students may only redeem meals from their own BearPass Card. 

Commuting students can also purchase one of the meal plan options above, or they can purchase block meal plans.  Block meal plans come in increments of 25, 50, and 75 meals, which can be used at any dining center or Plaster Student Union vendor (see sections below).  Unused meals do not carry over into the following semester, and no refund is provided for unused meals at the end of the semester.

Parents and family members of a student with a meal plan can eat free in the dining centers if their student is present with them. 

Dining Centers

Most people would agree that to really get to know someone, you should share a meal with them.  Luckily, Missouri State's dining centers are great places not only to get a great meal, but also to make lasting memories and life-long friendships.  Students with meal plans or block meal plans can dine in any of our three community-inspired dining centers, Blair-Shannon, Kentwood, and Garst, by using their BearPass Card to redeem meals. 

Plaster Student Union Vendors and BoomerMeals

In addition to our meal plan options listed above, students have the option of purchasing supplemental meals called BoomerMeals.  BoomerMeals are similar to a debit account, and you are able to use your BoomerMeals at any dining location on campus including the Plaster Student Union Vendors (Chick-fil-A, Papa John's, Red Mango, Subway, Panda Express, Starbucks, and GrillNation) and either of the three Dining Centers.   Everytime you swipe your card and pay using your BoomerMeals, you save money.   Students can purchase BoomerMeals via the their account or at the Missouri State Dining Services office located in Blair-Shannon 114.  For more information about BoomerMeals, visit the Dining Services website.

For residential students, BoomerMeals are available in bundles of $150, $200, or $250.  Commuter students can receive bonus meals based on the bundle purchased.  For commuter students, BoomerMeals are available in $150, $200, $250, $350, $450, and $550 bundles.  BoomerMeals only will carry over from fall to spring. However, any unused BoomerMeals at the end of the Spring semester will be forfeited.