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Family Weekend 2009

Bearwhat? BearWear!

Siceluff Hall Renovations

Bear CLAW Addition

The Student Word

Flu: H1N1 and Missouri State


 Family Weekend 2009

 Family Weekend 2009 is scheduled for September 25th-26th. There are many events planned for the weekend. Family Weekend was planned by the stduents with thier families in mind. From a volleyball, tailgating and football to bowling and Andy's Custard they have thought of it all. Everyone here at Missouri State is excited to have all of the families here for an exciting weekend.

Please visit the Family Weekend 2009 for more information about all of these awesome events.

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 Bearwhat? BearWear Fridays

As motivation to display school spirit, Missouri State has set in place “BearWear Fridays.” Every Friday students are encouraged to wear their maroon and white. It is just one part of the inititive to increase school spirit on and off campus. On game day Fridays the campus prize patrol will be out and offering prizes to people they spot wearing school colors. Incentives are also being offered by the Student Government Association, Maroon Madness, and various other student organizations. Discounts at JQH Arena Team store and the Missouri State University bookstore are accessible on certain weekends. Encourage your students to take part in the pride of Missouri State.

For more information on BearWear Fridays and discounts, please visit: http://www.missouristate.edu/features/bearwearfridays.htm.

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Siceluff Hall Renovations

On August 24th, Siceluff Hall reopened their doors as the fall semester began. The entire building had been closed for 15 months for renovation. On August 28th, Missouri State held a rededication ceremony in conjunction with the Legacy Day activities. A reception and open house followed the ceremony.

The building now houses the Modern and Classical Languages department, as well as the English department. Siceluff Hall now features 25 classrooms and 67 faculty offices.

To see where Siceluff is located check out thismap

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Bear Claw Addition

The Center for Learning and Writing, otherwise known as the “Bear Claw,” has moved to the first level of Meyer Library. The Bear Claw offers tutoring services in every subject by appointment. Math tutoring has drop-in hours from 10 am-6 pm Monday through Thursday, as well as by appointment.

This is also the new location of the Writing Center. The Writing Center is a service provided to students at no additional cost. It is where students can go to get advice and help on writing assignments in any subject. Appointments will ensure the student a session. Walk-ins are welcomed, but will not be guaranteed a session. As the needs for students grow, the services will be expanded in the Bear Claw.

To gain more information on the Bear Claw, please visit: http://bearclaw.missouristate.edu/default.htm.

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A Word from Student Leader:

Kanome Jones--

My freshmen year at Missouri State was very successful, because my mom spent my entire life preparing me for this period of independence and growth. Being a single parent of four, my mother has always instilled in us the necessary qualities, morals, and traits so that we can operate as independent adults. When I came to Missouri State, my mom made sure that I had a car (we live four hours away in Little Rock, AR), so that I could come home when I wanted and we established a monthly allowance because she wanted me to experience college first without having a job. Everything worked out really well, too! As far as communication, my mother is a very busy person at home, so we usually talked about once a week. Then, as the school year progressed, I became really busy so our conversations started to happen once a month, which we were both okay with. My mother and I have always kept an open communication line, especially when I need money. All in all, my mother was with me every step of the way through the process to get to college and then when I got here, she gave me the freedom to explore while letting me know that she was still there to support me. Support is a key factor; I love knowing that, no matter my age or my circumstance, my mother will always come to my rescue.

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Flu Update: H1N1 Virus

Missouri State University is taking the necessary precautions to prevent the H1N1 virus from spreading across campus. Students, faculty, and staff have been notified and are encouraged to inform themselves about the virus. Taylor Health and Wellness Center on campus, has posted tips on how to stay healthy:

• Know the signs and symptoms of flu.

• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

• Wash your hands often with soap and water.

• Sick people should stay at home or in their residence.

• Stay in a separate room and avoid contact with others.

• Drink plenty of clear fluids.

If students have flu-like symptoms, they are encouraged to stay home so they will not infect their peers. They can return to class 24 hours after their fever is gone. They will be allowed to make up any work they missed due to their absence; however they must contact their professor to make arrangements.

For more information regarding symptoms, health tips, or general information on the H1N1 virus, please visit: http://health.missouristate.edu/66961.htm.

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Questions or Comments for the Family Association

 If you have any quesitons, concerns or ideas you would like the Family Association to discuss please let us know. Any idea is welcome so don't be shy. E-mail us at FamilyAssociation@Missouristate.edu 

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