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Helping Your College Student Stay Healthy

An article taken from College Parents of America (www.collegeparents.org)

At College Parents of America, we are dedicated to finding and providing to you the very best medical information as it relates to preparing your teen for the college years.

In scouring the landscape on this topic, we became aware of some excellent work that was done by Dr. Lawrence Neinstein, a leading specialist in adolescent healthcare, under the auspices of the Society of Adolescent Medicine. Neinstein urges that, no matter the age of your child, you start talking about health issues and "don't ever stop."

The issues to talk about include:

  • Independence and confidentiality: the key points are to help facilitate your child's ability to function and make decision on his or her own, and to respect that, with adulthood, comes the right to confidentiality (from a legal perspective) over medical information.
  • The necessity of a pre-college health exam: this ensures that all relevant medical information is up-to-date.
  • Immunizations: an important, yet complicated, issue, this is an essential component of bringing information "up-to-date." Recommended vaccines pre-college include hepatitis A and B and meningococcal meningitis.
  • Medical records and prescriptions: it is an excellent idea to have your primary-care physician send the campus health center a summary of your child's care, particularly if he or she has any type of chronic medical problems.
  • First-aid supplies: Dr. Neinstein advises that one of the first questions your child will be asked if he or she calls a campus health center with an infection is: "Have you taken your temperature?" Don't let your child be embarrassed by the response: "I don't have a thermometer," or, even worse, "I don't know how to take my temperature." A basic health-care kit should take care of the above, as well as the inevitable scrapes and bruises.
  • Two more items that are important to have understandings with your children about - the details of your family's health insurance, and the times when it makes sense to visit a student health center versus a local hospital where, as you know, charges can sometimes rack up.

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Student Services Spotlight - Campus Recreation

by: Jessica Joubert, Assistant Director, Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation offers a variety of activities for Missouri State students. We consist of three areas of programming aimed at enhancing the college experience: Fitness & Wellness, Intramural Sports, and Outdoor Adventures. Each area provides opportunities for all skill levels to participate in events to promote healthy, well-balanced lifestyles for the great university community.

Fitness & Wellness activities for this semester include Tai Chi, Yoga, American Red Cross CPR & First Aid certifications, Mat Pilates, self defense classes primarily for women, and a variety of dance classes such as Latin, Swing, Ballroom, and even Belly Dancing. We also offer a number of group fitness classes held daily that focus on strength, toning, and cardio endurance in a fun and interactive environment.

Intramural Sports are offered each semester for both indoor and outdoor sports for individuals and teams. We offer both competitive and recreational leagues for the skilled athlete as well as the average student looking to have a good time with friends. Individuals who are looking to play team sports, but don't have a team may register as a Free Agent. Free Agents are matched to teams or a team of Free Agents is created if there are enough registrants. This helps everyone to be able to participate, despite not knowing a lot of people on campus. In addition to league play, there are a number of 1-2 day tournaments offered each semester.

Outdoor Adventures provides students with the chance to explore the Ozarks through the experience of our seasoned trip leaders. These trips are designed for all skill levels and give students a chance to develop their own outdoor leadership skills through challenging and hands-on experiences. Workshops are conducted prior to each trip to provide information and basic skill training to interested students to enhance their trip experience. Possible planned trips may include: Petra Climb nights, Paintballing, Climbing, Fly Fishing, and Canoeing.

For a complete listing of activities and more information about Campus Recreation, visit our website www.missouristate.edu/recreation, because the college experience is more than just what goes on in the classroom!

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Tips for Parents

Taken from University of Toledo (http://parents.utoledo.edu/tips.asp)

 Each month there will be more tips included, but if you would like the whole list you can visit the above website.

Tip #24: Encourage your student to establish a good relationship with their academic advisor and visit them often. Advisors are there to help students stay on track and earn their degree!
Tip #25: Buy your student a grocery-store gift certificate. Even with a meal plan, it is nice to buy a few items from the grocery too. A gift certificate ensures that the money provided will be spent on food and snacks.
Tip #26: Apply for financial aid every year, even if you think you won't get any! More than two-thirds of families qualify for financial aid.
Tip #27: Don't be afraid to call or write the financial aid office. They are there to help with any questions or problems you may have!
Tip #28: If you've saved enough money for your student's college education and have been offered subsidized or unsubsidized loans, use the loans to pay for tuition. Upon graduation, use the savings to pay off the loans; the savings will grow at a faster rate than the loans accumulate debt.
Tip #29: Establish a relationship with someone in the financial aid office who can answer questions and provide assistance. Ask older students whom they deal with.

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Q and A with the Parents Association

Each month we will be taking questions that you have posed and answer them in the cleverly titled Q & A with the Parents Association. If you have questions that you would like to have answered over any area of campus please send them to ParentsAssociation@missouristate.edu.

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Important Dates and Deadlines for Spring 2009

You and your student may want to be aware of the following dates and deadlines. For this list please visit the Office of the Registrar.


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