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The 2nd Annual Dance Bear-a-thon

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 The 2nd Annual Dance Bear-a-thon: Party with a Purpose! 

Dance Bear-a-thon was held for the second year at Missouri State University. This event raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network of the Ozarks, and one hundred percent of those funds will stay local to benefit hospitalized kids in the community. Dance Bear-A-Thon is committed to establishing a relationship between Children's Miracle Network of Cox Health and Missouri State University. This event will promote children's health and happiness through student leadership and enjoyment, increasing involvement by the University community and laying the foundation for a future tradition.


What is Dance Bear-A-Thon? It is a 12 hour dance party with plenty of entertainment to boot. But don't think Dance Bear-A-Thon is exhausted dancers draped over each other. It's music, food, entertainment, excitement, and yes, even some tears.There are appearances by some of the CMN kids, giving students a living look at those they are helping, as well as videos throughout the night keeping everyone focused on the goal. This year there were 270+ students committed to dancing the night away. The brightest moment of the night/morning was the revealing of the total raised, this year topping $20,000.  


Here are a few comments from dancers:


I love Dance-Bear-A-Thon because I get to see the kids I'm helping. Dakota and Katie, Dustin and Emma, they are alive because people are giving them money. It's so amazing to see them and to talk to their parents. They have incredible stories, but they are just normal people like me.

-Hannah Nobrega


It's such a great experience to see and dance with the children who are actually receiving the donations. They've gone through so much, and they're so young, yet so full of spirit. Their faces light up when they see you and know what you've done to try and help them.

--Hannah Ellerbrake


While all of the dancing and the events and music were really great, I think the best part of the event is when the kids are there, and you watch the videos depicting their heroic tales of what they've overcome and are still fighting. I actually welled up, thinking about how Children's Miracle Network truly is a miracle!

--Adam Sherwin


There are so many positive things about Dance Bear-a-thon. You get to hang out with those cute kids to see where the money actually goes, you get to spend 12 hours dancing the night away--which definitely helps you lose some weight and tone the legs.

--Jon Stubblefield


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 Student Spotlight


My name is Jonathan Capps and I just started my Junior year here at Missouri State University. My home town in Lebanon, MO so I didn't have to travel far to come to college. I am majoring in Instrumental Music Education, and I am currently involved in several extracurricular activities such as Jazz Band, Wind Ensemble, and I am a Team Leader for Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration. Luckily I have tons of support from my parents to get through it all. Obviously I don't have time to come home and see them as often as I would like, but they still come see me at all of my concerts and support me through everything. Things can always get crazy, but with them always there for me I can make it through it all.


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 Student Services Spotlight: Campus Volunteer Center


The purpose of the Campus Volunteer Center (CVC) is to help Missouri State University students, faculty, and staff become active participants in the Springfield Community. The CVC offers various services for students looking to volunteer.  When community agencies contact the Campus Volunteer Center looking for volunteers a CVC representative places them in the database which is available to all students.


The database is located on the student employment services website under the link to ‘look for a job’. When students access this page they can choose a box that says volunteer opportunities only and search through our listings that way. Another place to look for opportunities is on the Fast Action Bulletin page of the Campus Volunteer Center website. There is also an upcoming events page for a quick glance at what types of volunteer needs are coming up.


     We also have Bear Blitz projects that occur monthly and give students an opportunity to try out new volunteer projects without committing to one place. We have a committee of students that help plan these events so there is opportunity to serve a leadership role within that committee. Last year Bear Blitz helped with Ozark Greenways, Habitat for Humanity, Daffodil Days, and many more.


     We also have our big event for the year, Into the Streets which happens in the fall on a Saturday and we send the Missouri State University community out ‘into the streets’ to serve at various non profit agencies. It is a great chance for students to see what opportunities are available to help them find a place to serve. The Campus Volunteer Center is located in Blair 113 in the Student Employment Services Office or at 417-836-5627


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 Q & A with the Parents Association

Each month we will be taking questions that you have posed and answer them in the cleverly titled Q & A with the Parents Association. If you have questions that you would like to have answered over any area of campus please send them to ParentsAssociation@missouristate.edu.

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