Faculty Senate

A Message from the Faculty Senate Chair

Michael Foster

Welcome to the Missouri State University Faculty Senate website.

My name is Micheal Foster and I welcome you to the Missouri State University Faculty Senate web page. It is my privilege to serve as your Faculty Senate Chair for the 2016–17 academic year.

The Faculty Senate provides a forum for discussing matters of concern to the faculty and to inform all segments of the academic community of the Faculty Senate's concerns, findings, and actions. The Faculty Senate and its established bodies have the power to initiate action in curricular and non-curricular matters as it deems fit, or matters brought to its attention by the faculty. The Faculty Senate is the representative body of faculty, and membership includes voting representatives from every department and from each of the faculty ranks, as well as non-voting delegates from Staff Senate, Student Government Association, the Graduate Student Council, and the standing committees of Faculty Senate.  All faculty and university community members are welcome to attend and voice their concerns at the monthly Senate sessions.

The Faculty Senate is the primary mechanism for faculty to share their ideas, opinions, and concerns about the strategies of our institution to the faculty at large, as well as to students and administration. Faculty commitment to the work of shared governance is essential to create a positive and rigorous learning environment for our students, to maintain the integrity of academic programs, and to improve the working conditions of our faculty. We engage in this labor for the good of the order and the betterment of our constituencies and our university, and through this organization we endeavor to find a harmony that will make Missouri State University a better place to teach, research, work, and live.

The 2016–17 academic year looks to be another year of relative stability, both in terms of the economy and the current administration, which has made a conscious effort to partner with the Faculty Senate. We will continue the efforts of my predecessors to press for specific benefits and on issues of salary inequity. Additionally, I will appoint at least three ad hoc committees to review the following: communication between faculty and administration with regards to how the university Policy Library is amended, a review of the criteria and practices of the Professor Salary Incentive Program (PSIP) program, and a review to determine if a university-wide workload policy should be created for faculty who teach courses with more than 100 students.

Serving as a Senator on Faculty Senate or as a member of a standing or ad hoc Faculty Senate committee, is more than CV filler, but rather is a significant responsibility that impacts your department, your college, and the university at large. As the elected or appointed member, it is your responsibility to know and understand the obligations of your membership. Check the Faculty Senate calendar, located here, to see when meetings are held. Read the Constitution of the Faculty and Bylaws of the Faculty Senate, located here, to learn more about the mechanisms of our governance structure. Read the Faculty Handbook, located here, to see how our governance intersects with administrative processes. But most importantly, be mindful that you have been elected or appointed to represent your colleagues, so do your due diligence to stay current with our governance. As a faculty member who has been a Senator, chaired standing committees of Faculty Senate, and is now your Faculty Senate Chair, I urge you to invest your time and energies to the work of Faculty Senate. I promise you that your efforts will be valued and rewarded.

Finally, let me say again that I am thankful to have the opportunity to serve you as your Faculty Senate Chair, so please do not hesitate to contact me should the need arise. The 2016–17 academic year is poised to be another exciting year, and through the combined efforts of our labor and the strength of our will, within this community of colleagues, I believe that we can say that the best is yet to come here at Missouri State University, and our faculty is leading the way.

Have a great year!

Mr. Micheal Foster, Faculty Senate Chair. Phone: 836-3728. Email: mfoster@missouristate.edu

2016–17 Faculty Senate Executive Committee

Chair – Mr. Micheal Foster
Chair-Elect – Dr. Cynthia MacGregor
Secretary – Dr. Beth Hurst
Parliamentarian – Dr. Michael Hudson
Past Chair – Dr. Sharmistha Self

Faculty Senate Office - CARR 314C - 836-5257

Sandra Johnson, CAP
Administrative Specialist III


Faculty Senate Office Calendar

  • April 27--Faculty Senate Executive Committee Meets
  • May 10--Graduate Council, EPPC and CGEIP Meet
  • May 11--Faculty Senate Meets at 3:30 p.m. in PSU 313
  • May 29--Memorial Day Holiday - Offices Closed

Curricular Action Workflow Announcement

The Faculty Senate Office, in cooperation with the Management Information Systems team, is pleased to announce a new online Curricular Action Workflow system. This new system replaces the existing paper-based curricular process. The Curricular Action Workflow system was approved in the April 2015 Faculty Senate session as Senate Action 29-14/15.

Visit the Curricular Proposal Web Page for More Information.