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Enrollment Summaries

These reports are designed to provide information regarding enrollment, census, admissions, student profiles, transfer students, geographic origin and yield.

Department Reports Resource

These reports are designed to assist departments in balancing and meeting the demand for their classes by providing different ways of viewing current course enrollment, on the section, course and student levels.

Surveys and Research

These reports are for first-time new in college and transfer student surveys for the past three years.


A collection of reports and surveys from previous years.

Bear Intelligence

A collaboration effort between the offices of Institutional Research, Enrollment Services, the Registrar and Management Information Systems to disseminate official information in support of university decision-making and analysis.

Office of Institutional Research

A broad category of work to inform campus decision making and planning in areas such as admissions, financial aid, curriculum, enrollment management, staffing, student life, finance, facilities, athletics, and alumni relations.

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In Memoriam
Kimberly R. Bell
Enrollment Services Systems Coordinator
July 29, 1963-March 19, 2016

Memorial Video

Kimberly R. (Vest) Bell began working as a student employee in the Office of Admissions and Records in 1981, her first year as a student at what was then Southwest Missouri State University. She remained in that role for six years, working her way through school as a part-time student.  While she served many roles as a student employee, she was most known for being an assistant to the transfer credit evaluator in Admissions. She graduated from SMSU in July 1987 with honors.

Everyone in the office knew that Kim was valuable and that a permanent job needed to be found for her.  Fortunately, a clerk position became available in Records, and she began working there in October 1987.  She quickly learned everything she needed to know to be successful in that office and took on challenging roles (for example, assisting with the implementation of the first automated degree audit system). In 1991, the position of Assistant Director of Records and Registration came open.  Kim applied and was chosen, even though it meant that she would be supervising her former boss (in fact, that former boss wrote a letter recommending her for the position).

In 1994, the University went through a reorganization and the Office of Admissions and Records was split into two offices (the Office of Admissions and the Office of Records and Registration) which became part of a unit called Enrollment Management and Services. When that change occurred, Kim became Director of Records and Registration. In 2002, the name of the office changed to Office of the Registrar and Kim’s title became Registrar.

In 2006, the University made the decision to purchase and implement a new student information system (Banner), which was probably one of the biggest challenges the University has ever undertaken. Staff in Enrollment services knew at the time that they needed someone who had an excellent knowledge of systems, as well as of policies and procedures, to help guide their portion of the three year transition to the new system. Kim was exceptionally well-qualified, and thus a new position of Enrollment Services Systems Coordinator was created for her. In that position, she played a lead role as a member of the Banner implementation team and became a recognized expert within the University on the Banner system. She remained in that role following implementation in 2009, providing an essential service to the University.

Kim was known by people across campus not only for her detailed knowledge of University systems, procedures, and policies, but also for her desire to help and serve others. The list of people she worked with at the University is long and included deans, department heads, vice presidents, directors, faculty, student leaders, and more. There are few people on campus who were held in such high regard for their helpfulness as Kim Bell.

She was also tenacious. Whenever she was presented with a challenge, she would grab onto it and not let go until she had a solution. She would often write long, detailed emails in the middle of the night when she and gotten to the bottom of a particular issue or found a solution to a problem.

But more than being a coworker, Kim was also a friend. She was both unique and special. She loved the people at the University, had a real passion for what she did, and enjoyed her work. And she liked to do things for people—for example, making scrapbooks for employees who left the office or handcrafted wall hangings made from rocks she found from her family's place on the Finley River that she lovingly referred to as “the swamp.” Said one friend: “She will be remembered for her wry sense of humor, her wit, and her unfailing loyalty to her friends. She was always there for those who needed her and would have given you her last dollar if you asked for it.”  And another: “Her most memorable traits were her selflessness, humbleness, care, compassion, and wit, a wit that could take the form of self-deprecation, cynicism, but more importantly, optimism, in a difficult experience or overwhelming challenge.” 

Kim passed away suddenly at much too young an age.  She will be missed greatly by her friends and colleagues. She cannot be replaced, but her good work at the University will endure and her friends will strive to honor her legacy.