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Into the Streets Registration

Please complete the following information to register for Into the Streets. 

Your submission indicates that you are available and interested to do service during that time frame.  If something changes you need to e-mail volunteer@missouristate.edu as soon as possible to be removed from the list, so other students can take your spot.

GEP 101 (Grayshaw)
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If you are wanting to do service with a group of friends please indicate their names here

Please note that we will do our best to keep groups together, but we can make no gurantees

Our Into the Streets Service Weekend is now on Saturday & Sunday.  3/4 of the sites are available on Saturday.  You can choose to participate on either Saturday and/or Sunday. 

Saturday Hours: 8/9am - 1/2pm
Sunday Hours: 12pm - 4pm

Please indicate which day(s) you are wanting to do service

Our Sunday of Service is full -- You can only register for Saturday.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

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