Job Searches

When should I start looking for a job?

There are several good ways to locate a job in education once you have earned your certificate. First, let's talk about timing. You should start looking for jobs the semester you are student teaching or completing your last requirements for certification. Employers will want verification of your certificate. For information on the timing of your actual certificate, click here. On your resume, it is acceptable to indicate that you "anticipate" certification as of a certain date. You may also be able to indicate that you are currently eligible for a temporary or provisional certificate in your content area. If you need assistance in determining if you are eligible for a temporary or provisional certificate, feel free to visit the certification office. Information on those two certificates can be found on the following pages:

Where do I go to look for a teaching job?

There are several good places to go to look for a job in teaching. The first is the Career Services Office at Missouri State. Many schools in the area and outside Southwest Missouri will post their positions with the Career Services office. Career Services also hosts an "Education Job Fair" every year. For more information, contact Career Services.

You can access teaching jobs on the MOREAP website. This website will give you several resources for your job search.

Another way to locate teaching jobs is to take out a map and decide how far from your home you are willing to drive. Then draw a radius around your home and call all school districts within that radius and ask if they are accepting applications. If you need to contact a particular school district, you can look them up on the DESE website by clicking here.

Schools may also send the Field Experience office job vacancies. These listings are posted outside Hill Hall 200, and are then sent over to Career Services.