Driver's Education Certification

Missouri State University has been approved by DESE to offer Driver's Education certification for currently certified teachers who wish to add Driver's Education to their certification.  This will allow the individual to teach driver's education classes in a high school setting.  This program is currently offered during summer semester, and takes two summers to complete.  To earn certification in Driver's Education, teachers will complete the following coursework at Missouri State:

KIN370 (3)  Content and Materials in Safety Education

KIN372 (3) Problems in Driver's Education and Traffic Safety

KIN373 (3)  Multiple Car Ranges-Simulations

KIN371 (3) Driver's Education

Total Credit hours:  12

Teachers pursuing this certificate are eligible for a Provisional Teaching Certificate in Driver's Education upon the completion of six (6) credit hours of coursework in this program.  This will allow the candidate to begin teaching Driver's Education after one (1) summer of coursework. 

Teachers who wish to pursue certification in Driver's Education should contact the Kinesiology Department for more information or to enroll in the program.